Little Ways to Make Ramadan Even Better

Ramadan isn’t meant to be easy, but there are little things you could do to look after yourself better, so you can carry out each day at your best even as you’re fasting. The ENTERTAINER would love to be a part of your day, so you can save on the little things, and focus on what matters most during this season.

Load up on nutrition

After a whole day of fasting, we know how tempting it could be to wolf down all that roti john, currypuffs and oily food. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a little reward for the day, but now’s the time to really load up on nutrients and vitamins, to make sure your body’s still working at its best, during the hours when you’re not consuming anything. So, give your body some Life Juice or Salad Atelier Express smoothies for an instant boost of nutrients when you break your fast before your main makan.

Eat moderately

During fasting season, your stomach would no doubt shrink and start to adjust to not consuming as much food as before. That’s why, it’s always good to pace yourself during Suhoor and Iftar, so as to not throw your body into shock, by eating your meals slowly and moderately. Take your pick from the ENTERTAINER for any Iftar meals that will be truly satisfying at places such as Bangkok House, Purple Cane Tea Restaurant, Suzy’s Kitchen, Chakri Palace Skyview, and many more under the Halal segment on the app, but don’t forget to go easy, to avoid digestion issues and lethargy.

Be clever about working hours

Since you’re already awake for Suhoor, how about going into work early, to get in a head start and maximise the day? You’ll finish everything you need to do for the day earlier than usual, which leaves you time to make your way home to buka with your friends and family. Most companies are more flexible about working hours during Ramadan, but if it’s not clear, do speak to your boss to see what can be done. As a bonus, you’ll even avoid traffic, which puts you in less stressful situations!

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Prepare a Buka Kit… just in case

The last thing you want is to be caught in a situation where you’re unable to buka (break fast) on time, so if you know that there’s a possibility of this happening, prepare yourself a kit that you can take with you on the road, or in your bag for emergencies. Tapau something light and easy for you to carry with you such as sushi from Sushi Q, a Salad Atelier wrap or salad, or snack on a Krispy Kreme doughnut if you’re bringing the 1-for-1 boxes home for supper after prayers.

Do light exercises to avoid fatigue

It’s easy to feel low on energy every time you fast, which is why it’s even more important to keep up an active lifestyle. But hold up, we don’t mean doing CrossFit or running a marathon. Even 15 or 20 minutes of stretching or a light walk could be good enough to keep you feeling energised and refreshed. Wake up earlier before Suhoor or spend some time before buka to get in some light exercise. Just don’t forget to load up on the nutrition after!

Always give thanks

You probably already know how important this point is, but we thought we’d remind you anyway! It’s common for us to dwell on the physical aspects of giving up food and drinks, but we have to look after our spiritual side too. The easiest way to do this is to appreciate the good things that have been given to us, and wherever we can, to give good to others, whether it’s for a charitable cause, or doing little kind acts throughout our day. When we start giving thanks more, it opens up a whole world of good things coming our way.

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These are some of the little things we have in mind at the ENTERTAINER, but surely, you’ll have your own ideas of what you can do, to make Ramadan more fulfilling and peaceful for you and your family.

From all of us at the ENTERTAINER, we wish you a blessed one, dear friends.