What Syed Saddiq is reading at home

How are y’all doing with MCO? As the days go by, we’ve been reading to keep ourselves sane, and we bet others are doing that too. There’s only so much Netflix content we can consume, right?

But what should you read next? That’s why we’re here. In conjunction with World Book Day on April 23rd, we’ve put together a list of book suggestions based on people you might be a fan of (we know we are!) to give you some ideas for your book list.


The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

Everybody wants to stay inspired during MCO, so we imagine her enjoying time at home with a book of poems. As someone who’s no stranger to beautiful sentences, the book she chooses would naturally be one that embodies that. That’s why, we imagine Yuna picking up the The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur. It’s a heartbreaking yet real portrayal of the cycles of life, the way a flower blooms hopefully once again after being destroyed.

Henry Golding

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Ahhh our beloved homegrown actor. Having spent a number of years in Surrey, England, we can totally imagine him snuggling up with several captivating English classics like Great Expectations or Oliver Twist (what a sight that would be!) – of course, when he’s not too busy reading movie scripts sent his way or preparing for his next big starring role. These well-told stories are best enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee, perhaps delivered from your fave spots like Coffee Stain or Ice Dreams Café (IDC).


Stardust by Neil Gaiman

As someone who generally spends her time being amazing and inspiring everyone all over the world, we believe that her quiet reading time probably involves something fun and maybe a little fantastical. After dealing with all her world-changing duties, she needs time to unwind and to laugh, you know? A fun book like the classic chick-lit Bridget Jones’s Diary or Neil Gaiman’s Stardust will do the trick of bringing happy tears to your eyes.

Sherlock Holmes

The Hollow by Agatha Christie

And now, let’s mix things up with a fictional character. Mr. Holmes doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who likes being idle much, so even when it’s downtime, we can totally see him brushing up on his already near-perfect detective skills. How? By studying crime fiction like Agatha Christie’s The Hollow. It’s his way of getting inside the minds of victims and murderers, so he can solve his crimes better too. That, or he’ll put the pieces together before the first chapter’s even over.

Syed Saddiq

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

Ambitious and hopeful, our young one here is probably looking to learn from great political leaders whose influence and policies can still be found everywhere. So, we can take a pretty good guess at his book shelf – Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela and Becoming by Michelle Obama are probably two that are on it. Both are written wonderfully, with moving storytelling that will inspire you during your MCO time for sure, even if you have no plans of joining a political party anytime soon.

We hope you’ve found a book here that’ll keep you excited for the remainder of our MCO days – and beyond. We ourselves can’t wait till we can go back to reading at cafés with a cuppa in front of us, but for now, let’s stay in and stay safe.

Happy reading, lovelies!