What Your Coffee Says About You

Coffee says a lot about a person. It doesn’t just reveal how you’re feeling in a particular moment; it also has hints of who you are deep down, or at the very least, how you want others to see you.

Let’s look at what your drink order says about you and we’ll even show you where you can find a good cuppa or two, plus deals with the ENTERTAINER.

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Ah, for the true coffee lovers. We love our espressos here, because it lets you enjoy the coffee in its purest form without any additions. If you love your espresso too, you’re most likely the type of person who gets things done. You’re simple and you don’t like overcomplicating things. In fact, frills and fancy stuff? No thanks, you’re good. You’re straight-to-point and that’s what people love about you. For good espresso, visit Juan Valdez Café and give Colombian coffee beans a try, or explore the pure coffee taste from all 13 states around Malaysia at Calanthe Art Café. Love, love, love.


Latte drinkers like playing it safe. You’re looking for something that isn’t bitter, but neither is it sweet. Having a balance and seeing both sides of the story are important to you, and this shows that you know when to be organised and focused, and when to get a little creative and wild. And that foam design on your cuppa? Love it, of course. Although you might not pay attention to it every single time, it’s still a little touch that can put a smile on your face. To latte away, look no further than Juan Valdez Café and SF Coffee.


Hi there, sweet tooth. You’ve got a taste for the finer things in life, and you like indulging yourself to a yummy drink, perhaps as a dessert? And who can blame you? You’re someone with a lot of energy and positive good vibes, infecting others in the process. No wonder caffeine isn’t necessarily something you need, though you might enjoy it in your frap from time to time. You’re up to date in trends, ready to try something new whenever a new frap hits the menu. For the perfect frap fix or an afternoon pick-me-up, be sure to pop by Beans N Beans.


You’re not quite a coffee fan but you still enjoy a healthy dose of caffeine. You’re up for sweet experiences more often than not but you still like control – the idea of having things just the way you want it appeals to you. Staying energetic and productive is important to you but you’re also keen to slow it down sometimes, because you understand that life’s about enjoyment and simple pleasures like cheese or black pearls. Oh and pssst – for premium, imported tea from Japan, enjoy a cup at Chatto with a friend.


Let’s throw in a fancier one, shall we? Affogato literally means “drowned in coffee”, and if there are two things we love, it’s coffee and ice cream. If you’re into this, it probably means you’re someone who enjoys a little bit of luxury. You’re classy and refined, but the most interesting thing about you is the fact that you’re always searching for the perfect balance between bitter and sweet, hot and cold, and this can probably be seen in the way you handle certain situations in life. For the best mix between ice cream and coffee, give Crème de la Crème a try. Their amazing homemade ice cream will be the perfect complement to the black coffee they serve, and you can make your very own affogato.

So, what does your drink order say about you? Are you classy and refined, or simple and straightforward?

Either way, MMM COFFEE. Source: GIPHY

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Until then, keep calm and drink coffee, friends!