Winning with the ENTERTAINER

Winning with the ENTERTAINER, first of all, entails recouping the cost of your 2018 membership. Assuming you paid $295 on Early Bird – and you may already count yourself lucky having saved $200 off the regular price of $495 – we’ve listed our top 5 hottest one-time buys.

One-time what?

Let us explain.

A one-time buy is an offer that, after having been used just once, saves you the equivalent of, or even more money than what you paid for your ENTERTAINER 2018 membership. This means that if you redeem a one-time buy, you’re more and more of a winner with every saving you make with the ENTERTAINER thereafter.

Winning big savings with one-time buys

Smile Centre

Level 17, 1 Lan Kwai Fong
Two weeks ago I took my friend, Owen, to this place for a treatment. I’ve previously been skeptical about “instant” teeth whitening. How much whiter can teeth get in an hour or so, really? But after having seen the results, I’m now a believer. Props to the super comfortable and Instagram-worthy egg-shaped chairs on which the teeth whitening magic happens. Results are immediate and last up to 3 months depending on genetics, general hygiene and eating habits.

Offer: 50% Off 70min Teeth Whitening Session
Estimated Savings: $675

Venture Studios

1st Level, Winway Building, 50 Wellington Street, Central
We’re beyond excited about Venture Studios being on the ENTERTAINER – because have you seen what they do? It’s pure magic. You can’t just pull this off with a selfie. Venture Studios are the pioneers of visual storytelling through high-end portraiture. What you then walk away with are timeless pieces of highly personal art.

Offer: 50% Off Classic Family Photography
Estimated Savings: $500

Skin Laundry

68 Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay
Shopping for quality skincare can easily break the bank, if one is not careful. But this place isn’t just for quickie facials, cleansers, toners and other beauty cabinet staples. They also stock our current favourite bedtime product, the SleepCycle™ Pillowcase with Silver Ion Technology. It helps prevent breakouts and extend the benefits of Skin Laundry clean skin while you sleep. That that is winning.

Offer: Spend $1000, Save $500

Playdium Virtual Reality

1 Cannon Street, 2nd Floor, Causeway Bay
Take a few friends with you to Playdium VR since admission is buy one get one free on the ENTERTAINER. My favourite game here is VR Zombie, which places you and your friends in some type of post-apocalyptic military base that’s suddenly attacked by zombies left, right and centre. The difficulty level goes up so winning against zombies as they grab and claw at you gets harder and harder. After you take the VR head gear off, you’ll trip out at how small the playing environment is. The virtual experience is that immersive.

Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Admission to VR Zombie
Estimated Savings: $400

Fofo by el Willy

20th Level, M88, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central
We love this multi-awarded restaurant and its Catalan Chef, Alex Fargas. They also serve one of the most mouthwatering brunches in town. To start, guests choose among Iberico ham and cold cuts, duo of oysters, or steak tartar, baby prawns and bone marrow. And then pick two tapas on Fofo’s extensive menu. And then pick a main, of which our favourite is the slow-cooked suckling pig. How about some churros to finish off? Soooo good!

Offer: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Weekday Lunch or Saturday Brunch
Estimated Savings: $300

Still not an ENTERTAINER member? Win big savings 7 days a week, all year long. Buy ENTERTAINER 2018 (RRP $495) on Early Bird ‘for just $295. Use Promo Code HUBHK2018 upon checkout for a Free Gift with purchase.


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