Eating Out Safely

The relentless news cycle makes it seem like it’s safer to dine in than dine out – unless your family is so big that every meal is pretty much a mini wedding banquet. Still, being stuck at home, cooking and eating everyday, is not an idea easy to stomach. But don’t worry, eating out is not synonymous with danger. As long as you observe some handy tips, you can have your cake (at your favorite cafe or restaurant) and eat, it too! Eating out safely can be – and still is – a joyous proposition.

?Hot is the new unhot

If you’re feeling hot – literally, check your temperature. If you’re unwell, by all means – stay at home. You won’t have much of an appetite anyway, and eating out will likely be a waste of time and money. Checking your temperature before stepping out to eat is your first task toward keeping everyone safe and happy.

?Always wash your hands before eating

Mom does know best. The piece of advice she has been giving you since you were a toddler proves to still be golden. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, or clean it with sanitiser before putting your finger into any pie.

?Utensils are your friends

…especially when washing your hands may not be an option. And hey, it’s your chance to be extra: eat pizza with a fork and knife!

?‍♀️Not sharing can also be caring

Sharing food is a great way to have as much delicious food as you want. Just make sure you use only the serving utensils to take food. Or, just don’t share! Sharing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea these days, anyway.

?Feel the need to sneeze or cough? Find cover!

Maybe someone’s about to spill the beans about you, just when you’re about to sneeze. Before you try to contain your secrets, first contain your droplets! Use a tissue. Or if you can’t find one in time, use your elbow and clean your hands before you touch any food or drinks.

?Your face is a temple

So sacred that you don’t want to touch it or be touched! #DidYouKnow it’s how most viruses gets into your body? When you touch your face too much, you provide more means for the bad stuff to get in. So imagine your face is hanging the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and respect its wish.

?Stay mindful

Be mindful of each bite of food… And stop tapping your phone too much, especially since your phone is likely to have an ungodly amount of germs. So please break up with your digital partner whilst you’re having a meal; it will understand.

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