What Our Merchants Say About Us

If you’re an Entertainer member, you’re familiar with the all-encompassing feel-good-factor one gets upon redemption. You pay for a product, you get the next one for free. Good vibes all around, we feel great about spending – because in reality, we’re also saving money in the process.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you must also wonder – how does it feel at the other side of the transaction? We check in with our valued partners who express, in their own words, how their experience as an Entertainer merchant has been thus far.

Perry Chung | Marketing Director, Ocean Park Corporation

“The Entertainer has helped us increase awareness, word of mouth and interest in the park excursions we promote. The pay per redemption business model has been a very attractive and cost effective marketing channel to drive awareness. Reaching a domestic and relevant demographic with no risk of investment has been a strong incentive for us to re-join the Entertainer year after year.”

Al Tisley | Managing Partner, Castelo Concepts Group

“Entertainer members are great customers! We were pleasantly surprised after we started noticing that many of them returned and were not using a voucher because they had already redeemed all three.”

Barbara Pruvost | Senior Spa Regional Manager, L’Occitane en Provence

“We are very happy with the quality of customers the Entertainer has attracted to our spa. I think it’s down to the App not being free and the quality of merchants that the Entertainer acquires.

Jeff Moss | Chief Executive Officer, Cali-Mex

The Entertainer was the only marketing platform that we worked with when we opened our shop on Wellington Street, and we have been working with them ever since! We really see the positive effects of the promotion from bringing us new customers every day, to increasing our bottom line and spreading positive word of mouth about our growing brand.”

Entertainer members are a curious, passionate and socially savvy bunch. They love trying new experiences, but they also stick to the ones they love – and they bring family and friends along to share the love, too.

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James Gannaban