An Alternative Guide to Wellness in Hong Kong

If you’re tired of stuffy, sweaty, crowded studios in Hong Kong, and you’re bored of the same exercises you’ve been doing for the past 10 years, it might be time to get creative with your fitness and well being. Say “goodbye to fats, hello to fitness and wellness,” in 6 fresh and quirky ways, with our alternative guide. Ready?

Hong Kong Aqua-bound Centre

Take your workout outdoors and get a tan while you’re at it with a variety of water sports offered by the friendly professional instructors at HK Aquabound Centre in Stanley. They will help you learn to wakeboard, kayak, stand-up paddleboard and windsurf.

Zero Gravity Floatation Spa

Give your mind, body and soul a complete overhaul with floating therapy. Feel all your muscle tension and stress float away for good by soaking in an Epsom Salt solution, which not only aids in weight loss but leaves you with younger-looking skin as well.


Leave your excuses at the door of Feelness’s power lounges. Using electric current to stimulate muscles and increase endurance, their 20-minute sessions are equivalent to 3 X 90-minute sessions doing other exercises. Surely, you have 20 minutes to spare from your busy schedule.

Hydro 1.0

Wanna know a simple way to increase the intensity of your workouts? Just add water! Get closer to your body goal through hydrotraining and aquatic fitness programs. This indoor facility offers underwater cycling, indoor paddling, aqua crossfit, even aqua yoga! Get that summer feeling all year round in Hydro 1.0!


Channel Mr. Freeze as you undergo cryotherapy (a.k.a. freezing sessions) in the pioneer of cold therapy in Asia. This unique experience is good for your body’s rehabilitation as it boosts your immune system, relieves your stress and rejuvenates your skin – and all these with just a 3-minute treatment!

Red Doors Studio

Arrive into a sanctuary of serenity in the heart of Wong Chuk Hang. Red Doors Studio offers a number of modalities to bring balance, calm and focus to one’s mind, body and spirit. They bring ancient, time-tested practices of sound healing using meditation gongs, walking meditation on labyrinths and Kundalini yoga. Shanti, shanti.

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