PINGS! to the Rescue

It’s December which means holly jolly fun, going out, parties and inevitably spending more money (although we must admit, we do enjoy doing it!). This is why at this time of year we like to give a little something back to you guys. We love Pings and we know you do too, so for December, we’ve got some-PING in store for you that we’re sure you’re going to love.

If you don’t already know about our awesome campaign, then we’ll remind you! This December, we’re giving each of you 1,000 PINGS, which means that you will now have the opportunity to share all of your unused ENTERTAINER offers with your nearest and dearest – and they can do the same for you! Whether you need to save your wife’s bad hair day by pinging her an offer for her favourite salon or need to provide a tired colleague with the chance to purchase two large cups of coffee for the price of one, we want you to have some-PING to smile about!

How to Ping? – we hear your cry! Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Go into the merchant offers page. Tap the Ping (paper airplane) icon and tick the offer you want to send.
How to Ping

Step 2: You’ll get a prompt asking you to type in your friend’s email. Make sure this email address is, indeed, a registered ENTERTAINER account.

How to Ping - the ENTERTAINER app

That’s it! That’s all. Proceed to enjoy the offer and the savings.

To make your life easier, we’ve come up with some amazing offers we reckon you and your friends and family would just love to receive.

The Drunken Pot

Offer: 50% Off Meat Platter or Dish
Estimated Savings: HKD378

Can you feel the chill? We certainly do – and there’s nothing we’d like to do more right now than tuck into a bubbling, deep, comforting, delicious, hot pot soup. The fare here is just as good for your tummy and taste buds, as it is for your Instagram feed. Nom nom nom.

Spa L’Occitane

Offer: 50% Off Immortelle Divine Secret
Estimated Savings: HKD730

Your office Christmas party is fast approaching and the cold, dry weather has wreaked havoc on your skin. Unfortunately you’ve already used up all your facial offers whilst fending off the effects of heat and humidity. What to do? Beg a friend to Ping you a totally scrumptious offer from Spa L’Occitane, natch, because you deserve only the very best.


Offer: Bottle of House Beverage
Estimated Savings: HKD350

After the Rugby World Cup, it’s no wonder you’ve no Cheers offers left. But with still a few, solid weeks of partying in 2019 up ahead, you’re a friend in need. This Ping, as well as (let’s face it) for all, other watering holes in SoHo and LKF – is for you.


Offer: Spend HKD1,200 – Save HKD400

For your hipster friend who geeks out on stylish beanies, artisanal scented candles, high-quality clothing and bags… Yes, they look like a page out of a Monocle issue, and they’ve got kapok to thank. Ping them an offer for a bit of pre-holiday shopping slash retail therapy.

Ruff & Fetch

Offer: 50% Off 4-Night Boarding
Estimated Savings: HKD840

You’re getting ready to leave for the holidays but, like most Hongkongers, you’ve already taken so many holidays throughout 2019 that you’ve now used your pet boarding offer. Never fear. Find a friend withOUT a pet and get them to Ping you that precious voucher that’ll guarantee your little pooch or kitty is professionally cared for whilst you’re away.

There are so many great offers to be pinged so request your favourites from a friend and give them some of theirs in return. After all, that is what the festive season is all about!

From now until 30 December 2019, you can PING as much as you want, as long as you are already a member, because we have removed Ping restrictions so your friends and family can get redeeming ASAP! Remember, there’s always some-PING to smile about!


Charlotte Bright
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