Meet ENTERTAINER Ambassador Vivian Gu

“Hello, would you like to be featured on my IG to promote the App?” came a friendly message into our Instagram DM. We’re selective with the influencers we work with, not least because the ENTERTAINER App requires care and responsibility to talk about – and becoming an ENTERTAINER Ambassador is certainly a journey. The sender of the DM, Vivian Gu (@gutakesworld), came with impressive credentials. Named by Lifestyle Asia as one of the “20 Hong Kong Foodies to Follow on Instagram,” we were warmed most of all by her enthusiastic, easy and honest approach to food discoveries in Hong Kong.

The self-described “full-time banker; lifetime foodie and traveler” definitely did not fit our preconceived notions of what an expat banker from New York is, and we couldn’t have been more delighted.

Here, now, is Vivian in her own words. Find out how she stays bikini-fit whilst wallowing in so much foodie deliciousness daily, and see some highlights from a day she and a friend spent with the ENTERTAINER App.

Meet ENTERTAINER Ambassador Vivian Gu

I started my Instagram account about one year ago.

I became a food and travel influencer because they’re the two things I love to do: eat and travel. I probably travel on average once a month to a different location, whether it’s a Muay Thai boot camp weekend in Phuket or food touring around Penang.

Yes, I have a day job. I am in Finance and I work for a French bank.

For me, the perfect day in HK is waking up at 9AM and doing a morning workout at Pure Fitness. Grabbing a light meal after my work out, most probably from Pololi because it’s high source of protein and it’s YUMMY. Meeting some friends for some daytime activities (sober or not sober) whether it’s a junk boat party or cooking class at ABC Cooking Studio. I would like to end my day with a nice meal or a glass of wine at one of my favorite restaurants in HK, Qi House of Sichuan.

The three merchants I would most like to see in the ENTERTAINER App are Maison Libanaise, Ms 100, and more sushi places! Haha.

Visit Vivian’s website HERE.

11AM | Pampering in Sparadise

This urban retreat and gallery is a chic, all-organic, eco-lifestyle spa. Their facials, body treatments and massages all use 100% pure natural ingredients. Vivian suggests, “Relax yourself with a nice pedicure and foot massage in Sparadise. Perfect for a couples massage date.”

1PM | Brunch in Oolaa

This large restaurant on the quieter end of SoHo is the ENTERTAINER Team’s choice for best brunch in Hong Kong. Vivian enthuses, “@oolaa_restaurant just released a low carb & low calories menu ?☀️ I really liked the Mexican beef salad & the avocado and smoked salmon on top of sweet potato toast.”

7PM | Dinner in Amazake

Inspired by the crazy nightlife and ferocious drinking culture of Japan, Amazake is a for-those-in-the-know type of place. Vivian simply captions her meal, “Grilled Foie Gras & Eel Rice Bowl -dEELicious!!”

Enjoy a day out in the city, like ENTERTAINER Ambassador Vivian and her friend, and get the perks of a buy one get one free lifestyle. The ENTERTAINER 2017 (original price HKD475) is now just HKD195 on mid-year pricing. Use promo code HUBHK2017 in your in-App cart upon checkout.



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