House Party Essentials

Jonesing to party but still avoiding the nasty virus? We’ve got the perfect solution. Party at home! That’s right. Snuggle up with your significant other or gather a handful of your besties. Curate an awesome Spotify playlist, beef up your Netflix “My List,” or simply make sure your magic karaoke microphone has a new battery – whatever floats your boat.

For the rest of your house party essentials, we’re overflowing with tips. And yes, they’re all discounted via the ENTERTAINER App, natch. You’re welcome. We love you, too.

Cheeses, Wine and Steak

All the basic food groups, lol. Go to Feather & Bone. There are offers for Dry Aged Meat (Spend HKD500, Save HKD150); Beers, Wine & Spirits (Spend HKD500, Save HKD150); and Cut-to-Order Cheese (Spend HKD300, Save HKD150). The app also has offers for Cheese & House Wine (Spend HKD600, Save HKD300) at The Dutch Cheese & More.


You can’t have a house party without pizza! For Island folks, go to Andrea’s Bagel Crust Pizza. Kowloon residents, head over to Pizza Max Bistro. Order your pizza for takeaway. Both these places have 25% Off Total Bill offers on the ENTERTAINER app.


Cake lovers, holla! We’ve got a handful of ideas here… Eric Kayser has 8 branches on the app and they’ve got fabulous retail offers on their irresistible cakes. Our favourites are the Chocolate & Hazelnut Cake and the Raspberry & Pistachio Tart. Medium Pastry for Six People (Spend HKD298, save HKD89) and Large Pastry for Eight People (Spend HKD358, Save HKD179) – get the cake that suits your party size.

For eye-popping ice cream cakes, head over to Emack & Bolio’s (25% Off Total Bill). For gelato cake, try XTC Gelato (Spnd HKD330, Save HKD99).


…Or incense sticks, essential oils, or “genie” electric aroma diffusers. THANN has them all. A nice-smelling home immediately lifts the mood and ups the romance and love ante. Go treat yo’self and save as much as HKD150.

Pssst. These money-saving discounts for your next house party, are exclusive to ENTERTAINER members. If you’re not yet a member, buy the ENTERTAINER Hong Kong 2020 with promo code HUBHK2020 for an extra-special 10% discount + chance to WIN A GOURMET DINNER AT POPINJAYS!

Main featured image by Michael Discenza via Unsplash


James Gannaban