Up close with FoFo’s Chef Alex Fargas

Alex Fargas | The chef from Barcelona has been at the helm of FoFo by el Willy – a glamorous rooftop restaurant high above Lan Kwai Fong, since 2010. He dishes on the secrets to its success. Spoiler alert. It’s more than just the exquisite tapas.

Up close and personal with Chef Alex Fargas

Trivia time. Did you know the interesting history behind tapas? Tapa means “cover” or “lid.” Tapas were originally slices of bread or meat which travelers used to cover their glasses of sherry between sips to ward off fruit flies. In the old times, innkeepers used tapas to offer travelers a sampling of their Spanish dishes served on a “tapa.” Nowadays, we get to indulge in traditional and contemporary Spanish tapas in the culinary hit Fofo by El Willy in Central.

Chef Alex Fargas sat down with us after a busy lunch service, to lift the lid on FoFo’s success. As head chef of FoFo’s HK outpost (an offshoot of the wildly successful el Willy on Shanghai’s Bund), it’s to Alex’s credit that FoFo earned a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. It’s also been recognized on the 2017 Michelin Restaurant Guide.

Alex shares that he feels it’s his mission to give Hong Kong diners an authentic Catalan experience. And top quality food and service is possible only through the support of a passionate team. Beyond food – it’s all about the people.

Alex walks the talk. Just look at the photo below to see how he interacts with his a colleague. This was snapped behind the scenes during a shoot for LKF TV. It’s fine dining – sure. But FoFo – which means chubby – also brings fun dining.

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