Get Summer Beautiful in an Instant with these Beauty Offers

Beauty Offers | ‘Tis the season for beach barbecues, junk parties and just plain parading around in a cute swimsuit. Unfortunately, some of us are a little late on the action and may need a little help to get ready like, right now. But before you sign up for a crash diet and a deadly workout that will just leave you aching all over and grumpy the whole season, let our list below be your support team as they give you everything you need to join #bikiniseason with a sunny smile.

Summer’s Best Beauty Offers

Dr. Reborn

Did winter leave you with dry skin and unwanted flabs? Enter Dr. Reborn. This world-class beauty group’s medical treatments will leave you feeling reborn with soft, youthful skin and a slimmer body. Their highly-trained doctors and specialists cater to your needs with the help of the most advanced equipment and authentic health and beauty products.

L for Lashes

Who doesn’t hate runny mascara after a swim? We all want that perfect ‘coming out of the water’ look, so we understand your dilemma. Luckily, raccoon eye days are over, thanks to this award-winning salon offering FDA-approved eyelash extension services straight from the United States. Complete your Baywatch babe look with lush lashes that stay put.

Bare Esthetics

We flat-out LOL’d when we saw on Bare Esthetics’ Instagram page that “Papa Bear Loves Mama Bare.”  Bare Esthetics is HK’s one-stop-shop for all of your waxing and threading needs. From brows to Brazilian waxing, they have tons of experience and you are in great hands with their licensed aestheticians. The buy 1 get 1 free “Three Laser Hair Removal” offer on your ENTERTAINER App is simply too good to miss – check it out.

Cambridge Weight Plan

While it’s good motivation to have a body goal, eating healthy doesn’t have to end when summer ends. Let accredited Cambridge consultants teach you how to make permanent healthy choices, suggest meal replacements and support you on your journey towards a healthy new lifestyle that will last a lifetime.

Patrick Henri

With the change of season comes a change of hair color and a change of makeup shades! You’re leaving winter’s pasty look behind and going for summer’s golden tan and the knowledgeable team of artists and stylists at Patrick Henri are here to help you figure out what colors will complement your new skin tone and mood. Using organic and eco-friendly products on your skin and hair, they will leave you looking and feeling like an island goddess.

LUXE Beauty & Nail

Time for your boots to take a break and your toe-baring shoes and sandals to take the spotlight. Give your feet a clean and colorful summer debut as LUXE’s skilled manicurists use top quality imported nail products to glamorize them.

Reach beach babe status from head to toe in no time without breaking the bank, with buy one get one free offers from the ENTERTAINER.

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