6 Beauty & Fitness Offers You Need To Try at 50% Discount

We heard you – it’s not always easy to coordinate schedules with our besties to redeem a buy 1 get 1 free beauty and fitness offer. Introducing: Offers at 50% discount, and we’ve even handpicked 6 fabulous treatments you absolutely need to try. Getting summer beautiful has never been easier and more affordable with the Entertainer App. Can we get a “Woop, woop!” up in here?!

“How and where do we find these beauty and fitness offers at 50% discount?” – we hear you cry.

In three easy steps:

  2. TAP the Heart icon.
  3. GO to the NEW tab – most new offers are already set to 50% discount, instead of buy 1 get 1 free.
Enjoy beauty & fitness at 50% discount on your ENTERTAINER Hong Kong App
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Beauty and Fitness Offers at 50% Discount on the ENTERTAINER Hong Kong App
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Ready? Set? GO!

Skin Laundry

Rejoice! This beauty cult favourite from California is finally in Hong Kong. There’s no better place to get fabulously beautiful than at Skin Laundry, where affordable laser and light treatment can clean your dirty, clogged and damaged skin in a hurry. Get a 50% discount on the 15min Laser & Light Facial Treatment and re-emerge at the other side a better version of yourself.

Eris Relaxation

As far as hotel spas go, this one’s ace. Eris Relaxation in Novotel Hotel, Kowloon use only all natural, non-toxic and certified organic skin care. Get 50% discount on the Aromatherapy Organic Facial and save HKD345. Fabulous.


This place has just opened – website still under construction – so you hear about them first here! Hair removal is their specialty and Brow Shaping or Threading is at 50% off on your ENTERTAINER App. Be brow-beautiful, all the time.

Ash Hair Make

If you live in and around Kai Tak, there’s a beauty temple just for you. Unleash your inner unicorn. The Japanese Shiseido Colouring is at 50% discount on your ENTERTAINER App.

Ash Hair Make RR Professional

Go to this outpost in Wong Tai Sin to get extremely damaged hair sorted out. The Milbon Deesse’s Treatment improves the quality of your hair minus the greasy feel – and it’s also 50% off on your ENTERTAINER App.

Velocity Aquabike Studio

Velocity is Hong Kong’s first solo aquabiking studio for women. Here’s where you work on getting rid of “orange peel thighs” through water cycling and vigorous water jet massage. This combination boosts lymphatic circulation whilst targeting cellulite and thigh dimples. Get 50% off on your Aquabike Session and get well and truly on your way to beauty and fitness this summer.

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