So You Think You Wanna Go Camping

Camping Tips | Don’t get too complacent within the familiar ensconce of our concrete jungle, now, because as comfortable as familiarity with the city feels, the weather is finally perfect for exploring Hong Kong’s great outdoors. No, we’re not talking about taking a stroll through Victoria Park. We’re talking about proper outdoors where there’s no electrical power source. Even better, mobile signal might be spotty.

But giving up what have become our crutches in day-to-day life reaps enormous benefits. Your lungs will thank you for fresh air, firstly. Your feet will walk on ground that’s actually not concrete – and it’ll be softer, and you might find that you actually like it. And as stunning as our iconic skyline is, Mother Nature’s awesome scale is impossible to match.

Hong Kong has terrific camp sites that offer tantalising treats, including stunning beaches to wake up to, a Qing Dynasty fort, and serenity in the woodlands. But don’t get up and go just yet! Especially if you’re an outdoor newbie, there are first a few things to consider.

Camping Tips for Every HK Outdoor Newbie:
Before You Go

1. Watch the weather

This might sound like common sense – until it’s the last thing you forget to do. The Observatory has a 9-day weather forecast. Or try this for an extended 14-day forecast. Obviously, knowing the weather will allow you to plan on what to bring. Staying warm and dry is of utmost importance when exposed to the elements. Prepare accordingly.

2. Know where you’re going

Look at this guide from our Sassy friends, for some hints. Once you’ve picked your campsite, read other campers’ reviews on Google simply by typing the camp site’s name on the search bar. Some starred reviews will come up. From there, you may read more detailed accounts. Reading reviews about where you’re going will give you a better idea of what to expect – so if there are no public or portable toilets, you’re not surprised. Also depending on where you’re going, you may wish to bring a ‘ground sheet’ for laying underneath your sleeping bag, because the ground might be lumpy and/or hard. Also consider bringing a small axe for chopping fire wood.

3. You can be so extra

Bring extra everything! Extra toilet rolls, extra batteries for your flashlight, extra food (because you may find that you’ve eaten everything you packed after just one meal), extra match sticks (and make sure you put them in watertight plastic containers – glue a square of sandpaper on the lid for easy rubbing), even extra creature comforts like a favourite stuffed toy or a jar of Nutella or a guitar. Also – bring biodegradable trash bags so you may clean as you go. This will enable you to observe that valued outdoors aphorism: “Leave only footprints; take only memories.”

4. Prepare a survival kit

My survival kit looks like this: Contact lenses, eye drops, lip balm, bug spray, wet wipes, Lindt 70% dark chocolate, a large jar of Planters plain salted peanuts, sparkling water (natch), magazines, a lightweight yoga mat, camera, and a French press coffee maker. What does yours look like?

5. Go with the flow

Of our camping tips, we’re throwing one in for mental conditioning. Anything can happen, so it’s useless to try and fight it, or to expect everything to go your way. Nature is never good or bad; it just is. You or your camping companion may experience moments of discomfort; patience and kindness will go a long, long way. Here’s a precious opportunity to disrupt your day-to-day life. Embrace it!

All the Instas above are from local camp sites. Next – we’ll be rounding up our Top 5 favourite camping spots in Hong Kong.

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