Hong Kong’s Best Natural Pools & Waterfalls

Itching to beat the heat with a refreshing dip, but the beach and public pools are so crowded, they look like mini Mongkok? Maybe it’s time to consider going sand and chlorine-free by retreating to nature and exploring Hong Kong’s natural pools and waterfalls. Yes, they exist! While some are but a few minutes’ walk from the city, others may require a bit more effort with some rigorous trekking, and that’s why we pooled all our resources to compile a list covering all levels of difficulty.

So when you get tired of wearing eau de chlorine, check out our guide below.

Discovery Bay Rock Pools

You’d be surprised to know that these freshwater pools are just a 15-minute walk from the Discovery Bay pier. Being easily accessible, it can get crowded on weekends, so try to come early. The size of the crowd also depends on how accessible the pool is and if you walk past the first two pools, you’ll find a secluded one where you can have your dip in peace.

Getting there: From the Discovery Bay pier, walk 15 minutes towards the Golf Club until you find the trail.

Bride’s Pool and Mirror Pool Falls

Get your cameras ready because this popular swimming hole is a picturesque getaway. Located inside the Plover Cove Country Park, Bride’s Pool, named after a folk tale of a bride who fell into this pool on her wedding day and got washed away, boasts crystal clear waters and is best visited after a rainfall. Mirror Pool Falls is just a 1 km walk after Bride’s Pool and is a 35-meter cascading beauty.

Getting there: From the Tai Po Market MTR station, take a taxi to Bride’s Pool or take minibus 20C to Tai Mei Tuk or take KMB bus 275R (on Sundays and public holidays).

Sheung Luk Stream

What’s more satisfying than swimming in cool, freshwater pools after an hour’s hike? Plunging into them after an 8-meter jump off a cliff! Thrill seekers will delight at the sight of craggy rocky hills they will have to scale to get to the two-storey high cliff. While this may not be the easiest hike, it might be the most rewarding not just because of the hidden waterfalls but also because of the breathtaking views of High Island Reservoir that will be greeting you along the way.

Getting there: From Sai Kung Town, take minibus 29R or a taxi to Sai Wan pavilion. Walk an hour towards Sai Wan beach, and walk 10-15 minutes upstream upon reaching the beach.

Wong Lung Hang Stream

Dragons still exist in this part of town, but they come in the form of spectacular waterfalls. Wong Lung Hang actually means Yellow Dragon, and this is where you will start your journey. You will come across several rock pools in addition to the Left Dragon Falls, Right Dragon Falls and Dragon’s Tail Waterfall, which will make it hard for you to pick where to have your lunch break and your relaxing reward of a swim. Be warned though that this is a relatively treacherous trek and is not recommended for hiking beginners.

Getting there: From the Tung Chung MTR station, take a taxi to Wong Lung Hang Road.

Ng Tung Chai

Pack a sturdy pair of shoes to go chasing waterfalls up Ng Tung Chai. This scenic series is comprised of the two-tiered Bottom Falls, the slightly higher Middle Falls and Hong Kong’s highest falls, towering at 30 metres, the Main Falls. Adrenaline junkies can carry on with the hike and take the path up to reach a waterfall that looks like a little girl’s scattered hair. This is Scatter Falls.

Getting there: From the Tai Po market MTR station, take bus no. 64K or minibus 25K and get off at Ng Tung Chai.

Life is cool in the (natural) pool so water you waiting for? Take the plunge and wander toward the countryside to commune with HK’s natural gems.

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