Hit Your 2019 Health Goals

Hello, lovelies and welcome to 2019. Raise your hand✋ if you’ve made some New Year resolutions! Now, raise TWO hands? if you haven’t made any resolutions.

There are opposing perspectives on resolutions. On one hand, it is healthy to set goals for oneself. On the other hand, staying motivated to reach a goal is, of and by itself, its own challenge. Sometimes, it leaves people feeling inadequate and dissatisfied when halfway through working toward a goal, they lose gas.

Enter Broc & Bells (short for broccoli and dumbbells), a social platform to meet people over health and fitness. It’s like Tinder for fitties and aspiring fitties. The concept of an “accountability partner” is not new. But through Broc & Bells, finding that ideal SweatBuddy who shares similar interests and lifestyle has never been easier. It took two minutes to create my profile. Check me out?? – and a screen cap? of my SweatBuddy dashboard.

Find your Sweat Buddy with Broc & Bells and the ENTERTAINER App

Whilst Broc & Bells will help bridge the gap between setting a goal and hitting your resolution, the ENTERTAINER App is here to ensure you and your new sweat buddy save money on workouts. More savings means more variety of workouts to try, more visits to your favourite studios and classes, and more gains on looking and feeling good in the New Year.

To see what’s available, simply open the app, tap on the Heart icon, and tap on the “Health & Fitness” category. Everything is 50% off! Here are 5 of my favourites.

Find your sweat buddy, save on workouts & hit your health goals

Yoga Refine

Yoga is great for looking and feeling good from the inside-out. However, yoga classes at big fitness chains tend to be cramped, impersonal and rushed. This gorgeous, little yoga studio is a charming boutique alternative to big studios. They limit class size to 10 students so you and sweat buddy can rest assured of high quality teaching with attentive, individual adjustments. They offer many different forms of yoga lessons from Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Hatha, Ashtanga and more.

Address: 4th Level, 17 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay
Offer: 50% Off Yoga Refine Class
Estimated Savings: HKD75

Sitpinyo Muay Thai & Fitness

If you and your sweat buddy are looking for something more explosive, try this highly intense, combat-style, contact sport. Not only does a Muay Thai workout involve full-body conditioning; it also tests and improves your balance and concentration over time. Finally, its simple, effective and easy-to-learn techniques have the added bonus of equipping you with valuable self-defense skills.

Address: 1st Level, 154 Des Veoux Road, Central
Offer: 50% Off Drop-in Thai Boxing Class
Estimated Savings: HKD100

Aerial Arts Academy

If you’ve ever fancied yourself starring in a Cirque du Soleil show, take your sweat buddy to Aerial Arts Academy. HK’s bastion for the aerial arts has been around since 2010. More than just a fitness studio, it has become a community for dance, acrobatics, pole, hoop, silk, aerial hammock, flyoga and acro circus enthusiasts.  You will not only boost your fitness, self-esteem and body confidence; you will also leave each class empowered, motivated and proud of what you can achieve.

Address: 3rd Level, 55 Queens Road Central
Offer: 50% Off Dance / Pole / Aerial Class
Estimated Savings: HKD100 – HKD150

Iso Fit

In the age of body positivity, setting an intention purely based on aesthetics (i.e. “have a better body shape” – whatever “better” even means!) might seem a bit frivolous. But Pilates goes beyond just sculpting one’s body. In fact, a sculpted figure begins with correcting one’s postural alignment via muscular tightening, lengthening and toning. The ENTERTAINER’s Social Community Manager, Rachel, shares that after a month of Pilates, she experienced relief from chronic back pain. This fully-equipped studio is a great place for Pilates in a fun yet challenging atmosphere.

Address: Unit 802-805, 8th Level, Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central
Offer: 50% Off 58Min Pilates Equipment Group Session
Estimated Savings: HKD130

Dee Dream Life

Dee Oh is a pocket dynamite! This one-woman tour de force has Zumba, Latin, funky, hip-hop, K-pop, yoga, Pilates and more in her tool kit. She aims aims to provide affordable, high-quality dance and fitness classes that’s accessible to students, domestic helpers, social workers, pensioners and the underprivileged. How’s that for social fitness with a social conscience?

Address: Sheung Wan Sports Centre Dance Room, Level 11, 345 Queen’s Road Central schedule
Offer: 50% Off Casual Pass
Estimated Savings: HKD100

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