From Warehouse to Recreation

Recreation warehouse | Hong Kong’s industrial areas aren’t conventionally thought of as “weekend escapade” material. But when going to the movies or shopping as “weekend plans” simply won’t suffice and you find yourself looking for something… experiential – even if you can’t identify what exactly it is – we may have just found it for you.

We searched far and wide for fun indoor activities in the city. We found them in places like Kwun Tong, Fo Tan, Lai Chi Kok…  A few abandoned warehouses have been converted into all-day hangouts for folks who have a vague idea that they’d like to do something cool.

Recreation Warehouse: Ball Room

If you haven’t yet heard of, or experienced, “pool soccer” or “curling” – you’re in for a treat. Ball Room – HK’s recreation warehouse pioneer – has two locations in Kwun Tong and one in Lai Chi Kok. These cavernous hives aren’t only spots for innovative sports but are entire leisure complexes where you and your family and friends can hang out all-day.

There are also wall-mounted games, virtual reality, PlayStation, and all the board games you could ever ask for.

You may buy refreshments on-site. Food is currently not available, but you may order it in. If you have a particularly big group, call ahead to ask about private bookings.

Admission, 60min Curling and 60min POOLSOCCER® with buy one get one free offers on the ENTERTAINER.

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James Gannaban