Walking Around Old Wan Chai

One need not always gear up for a solid day’s hike in the countryside to enjoy Hong Kong’s charms. Some of the city’s most enduring sights are right within the city – an easy MTR, tram or bus ride away.

Whilst Wan Chai is of course a popular nightlife epicentre, it also holds proper heritage cred. This is where the district’s allure lies, and its charisma is best appreciated on foot. We picked the most worthwhile sights to see and paired them with spots where you can use your Entertainer App, to truly make the most of your day.


La Station x Bowrington Road Wet Market

Set yourself up properly with a fervent sense of adventure. Grab a buy 1 get 1 free cuppa from La Station before taking on Wan Chai’s Bowrington Road Wet Market – a jam-packed sensory overload. Loud, colourful and intense, this street market provides incredible Instagram opportunities. Yes, you may buy meats, flowers, fruit, vegetables and Asian herbs and spices you may not find in a supermarket chain. But the real highlight here’s the seafood – wet, fresh, and practically jumping for attention.

Kisses Cupcakes x Wan Chai Heritage Trail

You heard it from us – Kisses Cupcakes are the perfect fuel for walking, more so because with buy 1 get 1 free offers, you don’t need to agonize about which one to choose amongst so many tempting flavours. Highly photogenic highlights on the Wan Chai Heritage Trail include Hung Shing Temple, the Old Wan Chai Post Office (featured photo above), and an architectural gem – the Blue House at 72 Stone Nullah Lane – coated in brilliant blue once more after a recent renovation. Marvel at its wooden balconies and staircases. The Blue House, a World War II survivor, is a beautifully preserved example of tenement buildings known as tong lau.

Aroma Kitchen & Bar x Lee Tung Avenue

Just a stone’s throw away from the Blue House is this hidden, little nook that bucks the more ubiquitous, touristy eateries around the area. Most times you’ll find one of the founding owners, Elmo Ku, personally entertaining guests. His two other partners, chefs Jaco Leung and Yan Choy, prepare food inspired by – what else – Wan Chai’s own wet market. Enjoy a leisurely lunch – buy 1 get 1 free on your Entertainer App, natch – before exploring the rest of the area.

There’s wonderful shopping to be had at MUJI at the ground floor of Hopewell Centre, and fabulous Korean skin care products at Lee Tung Avenue (formerly Hong Kong’s Wedding Card Street) just across the road. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a musical act in the plaza.

Lobster Pot by BISQUE x Symphony of Lights

Around 7.30pm, grab a luxurious lobster roll and beer (both buy 1 get 1 free) for takeaway from Lobster Pot before heading off toward the Wan Chai waterfront. Most guides will tell you to watch the Symphony of Lights – in which HK’s iconic skyscrapers come alive in the world’s biggest, choreographed outdoor lights show – either from the Central or Tsim Sha Tsui waterfronts. But it’s no less impressive from Wan Chai’s Golden Bauhinia Square. Bonus – definitely more elbow room than watching from TST, which means better pics. Show begins at 8pm – be there on time, if not before!

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James Gannaban