How does ENTERTAINER getaways work?

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Getaways is the ENTERTAINER’s in-App booking engine and the only way you’ll want to book a hotel online – ever!

We offer a large selection of hotels at great rates in over 200 countries. All ENTERTAINER members who have purchased a 2018 product will have access to ENTERTAINER getaways and will be able to book hotels at amazing prices!

You can find the booking engine under the “Travel” tab in your ENTERTAINER App.

While Hotels Worldwide offer great rates, they are only valid on a ‘stay one night, get one night free’ basis. ENTERTAINER getaways, however, is discounted per night. Therefore, you can stay one night and still get an amazing deal.

Rest assured, with ENTERTAINER getaways you’re always getting a great price! ENTERTAINER getaways compares rates in real-time against the most popular travel sites each time you search. We show you the best comparable prices right below our own offer.

All rates are shown per night, for the total number of rooms quoted. Please review the booking terms carefully to ensure your room can accommodate your entire travelling party. Any adults or children above the stated maximum occupancy may incur additional charges on site at the hotel.

Remember, the 2 for 1 Hotel Worldwide offers cannot be booked directly through the App.

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