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Dubai members, here is everything you need to know about the re-vamped Delivery options that will, quite frankly, change your food ordering and money saving game!

How is it different to the Delivery offers already available?

You still have your awesome buy one get one free offers, but now, you can order your food, pay and keep track of the delivery from start to finish, all through the App! No more scrambling for cash and exact change while standing at the door – you can now pay directly through the App, seamlessly and securely.

And what’s more, this exciting new feature also introduces a new offer type to complement the existing popular 2-for-1 offer: you can now redeem a non-depleting offer that allows you to receive 25% off your total bill. For even more convenience, we will automatically calculate the best saving, and apply it during checkout.

Watch our video now to understand just how cashless Delivery works!

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