Monthly Member Offers

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Monthly member offers are a little bonus for App users; from us to you. Here’s how they work.

Monthly Member Offers

mmo-iconEach month our merchant partners provide us with exciting Monthly Offers that are available exclusively to our App users.  These special offers are different to the normal offers and often include WOW offers such as brunches, themed evenings, exclusive activities, new spa treatments and much more!

These offers are added to the App at the beginning of every month and can be found by hitting the “Monthly” tab.


The great thing is that Monthly Offers do not deplete after use and can be used multiple times during the validity period – however, their use is restricted to 4 times per account, per merchant, per day. Please note: Monthly Offers cannot be pinged to other users.

There’s a reason why this tab is the most clicked, check it out for yourself!

Please note: the Monthly offers available to you are linked to the digital product you have purchased.

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