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Ever wished you could share your ENTERTAINER offers with others, without having to tell them your username and password? Well, you can, with ENTERTAINER family accounts.

Dependent on the type of Membership you have, an ENTERTAINER member , the Primary Member, can share his/her membership and offers with up to four family members, the Secondary Members. See Rules of Use for more details.

Primary and Secondary Members

Primary Member: You are the one that has purchased an ENTERTAINER membership. Now, you can give your family members exclusive access to your membership, and these members can be changed once, upon during yourMembership.

Secondary Members: You are the ones that can reap the rewards, without having to buy a Membership! Once a Primary Member has invited you to join their family, you will have access to all of the offers. It’s time to smile very sweetly.

Would you like to create your own ENTERTAINER family? Or perhaps you’d like to join someone’s family?

Watch our video to see how!

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