Not To Be Missed Riyadh Hidden Offers

Ever scrolled through your app and wondered what offers you haven’t used at all? Or how you can use it to its best ability? Thinking about new ways to save with your ENTERTAINER? We have made it our mission to find those hidden gems on your app and share them with you. Why?!! Because we genuinely want you to save more! It’s that simple, with your ENTERTAINER, there is surely something to smile about.

Offers you didn’t know about in Riyadh…

Upgrade your look at Tabbara Optical

Location: Al wurud
Savings Estimate: SAR 50

Welcome to Tabbara optical where they believe your eyewear should be as individual as you are. Enjoy an extensive selection of eyeglasses, sunglasses, corrective lenses and accessories with dozens of designer brands, fashionable collections and exclusive lines to suit your vision needs and flatter your fashion sense.

Dress to impress with Iconic

Location: multiple locations including Oasis Centre and Al Haif City
Savings Estimate: SAR 50

Enjoy shopping at Iconic, your one stop wardrobe and lifestyle solutions for the latest trends in fashion. Aimed to becoming the trendiest destination for the youth, the mega store offers the best quality at affordable prices. And it only gets better as you can now use your ENTERTAINER offers there to save while you shop. Sounds like a dream deal!

Sindi Thobe, your ultimate guide to traditional wear

Location: Multiple Locations including Al zahra’a and Al Basateen
Savings Estimate: SAR 280

Enjoy one of the leading brands in the field of thobes and men’s wear. At Sindi, they specialise in high-quality tailored thobes with modern concepts and designs as well as providing a wide range of high-standard fabrics from around the world. With the latest tailoring and sewing devices, a highly skilled group of experts ensures the quality of your thobe meets the highest standards.

Protect your car with Solar Control Film

Location: Al Sulaymaniah
Savings Estimate: 97/392/1,077

Prepare your car for the summer with Solar Control Film tinting, Solar Control Film offers you high-quality tinted films, made in the USA with the use of nano ceramic technology, isolating high temperatures at great prices! Enjoy your ENTERTAINER offers from car waxing, head light protection, and car tinting.

Treat your vehicle at Geoshield

Location: Dammam and Al Jubail
Savings Estimate: SAR 1,244/735/785

It is time to give your car some love! As summer approaches ensure the heat stays outside your vehicle by getting it tinted at 50% off with your ENTERTAINER offers. Or if you are looking to get it protected using ceramic paint to extend its lifetime and save! Geoshield is the answer to all your car needs.

There you have it, our hidden offers that will surely save you a riyal or two. Let us know which offers did you enjoy the most!