Meet The Editors Of The ENTERTAINER Hub

About Charlotte, the Editor of the ENTERTAINER Hub

The Facts –

• I was born & bred in South East London, UK
• I’ve lived in Dubai for 14 years and happily call the UAE home and I’ve gained invaluable knowledge about the city because of it!
• I’m mad about Harry Potter!
• Losing a game of Scrabble to my Dad has now become the norm but I shall, one day, beat him
• Pen and paper are kings and I have a notebook with me everywhere I go
• I’m an easy-going, thoughtful human. I love to laugh, relax and create good vibes
• I’ve worked with both print and digital media but working with social media and content creation is by far my favourite way to spend a work day
• I love to travel, explore and experience. It’s what life is all about and broader horizons mean better content!
• I love food. Whether it’s morning, noon or night, I am always thinking about food!
• When at home, I’ll be found under a blanket (I love a good blanket; the fluffier the better), reading and catching up on Netflix with a pile of colouring pens and books by my side.
• When out and about, you’ll spy me trying out breakfast spots around Dubai, any quirky and interesting places and things to do that might have popped up or snoozing by the pool.
• Oh and brunch, I just can’t resist a good brunch…on the ENTERTAINER of course

About May, the Arabic Editor of the ENTERTAINER Hub

Growing up in the GCC has given me a chance to meet and appreciate people from all walks of life. I moved to Dubai 7 years ago and ever since it has been a journey of self-exploration and food! I met my husband here and on our first date, he used the ENTERTAINER! I was very intrigued by this new concept and amazed at the value it offered. Little did I know that one day,  I’ll be the Arabic Editor for the ENTERTAINER Hub!

I love the outdoors and that’s why we never plan our holidays during Dubai’s winter. My family and I love exploring new things and places, from restaurants to theme parks to spas…we are up for anything!

Between this and that, you will find me running after my two toddlers to keep them from committing the next crime – it’s good exercise too! I enjoy working out and Yoga and I am a firm believer in the power of sarcasm! If we can’t laugh about it later, then it isn’t worth it now.

I’d love to contribute to changing the world some way,  someday! But right now, I’m trying to stay sane in the midst of insanity – mommyhood, you gotta love it!