Mansour Al Safran, A BMX Athlete Like No Other!

Here at the ENTERTAINER, we love getting to know our featured athletes! And today we spent time with none other than Mansour Al Safran, our favourite Red Bull Athlete.

Today Mansour shares with us facts about his journey from starting as a BMX rider, to becoming a Red Bull athlete and his other passion, kayaking.

Hi Mansour, Can you Introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do ?

Hi everyone, my name is Mansour Al Safran, I am 27 years old and I live in Kuwait. I’ve been a BMX Red Bull Athlete since 2014, also I’m an active Kayaker and have been part of the Kuwaiti National Kayaking Team in the past.

What inspires you as an athlete? And what is your goal?

The love and passion for the sport, a healthy lifestyle, the thrill, and being able to inspire others especially children. Of course, any athletes’ goal is also to challenge themselves and win competitions.

Can you tell us what are your major highlights/achievement and the best moment you have experienced as an athlete?

I won several competitions in the GCC but I can say one of the biggest achievements is to be the number one on the podium from 2008 until 2017 and be the Arab Champion. A few weeks back, I have also participated in a world known competition by Fise in Jeddah, that now stopped in Japan and will continue to other destinations – there, I have won “First place for BMX Street ”. I also achieved to be the Kuwait Champion 3 years in a row in the discipline of the Olympic kayak. Along with the Kayak4Kuwait trip and finishing the 3 months kayaking from Kuwait to Oman, a journey of 2300 km.

You are traveling a lot across the GCC, where would you say is your favourite place to test your BMX skills?

Dubai has great skate parks, the new skate park at Town Square is awesome! Saudi also has some great spots, in particular Riyadh.

Who inspires you and why (who are you following on insta)?

Mohammed Al Balooshi @balooshi_offical is a Red Bull Motocross rider; Mohammed supported me in my BMX journey. He is a fantastic athlete with a great personality.

Viky Gomez @vikigomezbmx is a Flatland BMX rider; I also follow him on Insta. He isn’t just a great athlete but also supports anyone with their dreams to become a better athlete and to improve every day. In a nutshell, he is a great lad!

Thank you Mansour for this inspiring story, and we wish you the best of luck continuing to do what you love most!