World Children’s Day in Oman!

It’s World Children’s Day in Oman and even though they can be a handful at times (read that as most of the time) we wouldn’t want the world to be devoid of the playfulness and joy that children exude. We all have an inner child and it’s the younger generation that reminds us to relax once in a while and just appreciate being alive!

We figured that kids love to play right and adults don’t mind a bit of cheeky fun now and then either. So we’ve put together some of our best offers for you to enjoy with a little person in tow.

Fun Zone Ice Skating Centre: Ice Skating Session

Estimated Savings: OMR4
Location: Fun Zone, Qurum
Our Opinion: Fun Zone is Oman’s premier ice skating facility where you can enjoy all the fun of skating. They also offer comprehensive ice skating programmes, helping you learn basic-to-advanced skating techniques from accredited coaches.  It’s a whole lot of icy fun in the middle of the desert. It’s pretty ‘cool’…

Museum of Illusions: Admission

Estimated Savings: OMR4
Location: Muscat Grand Mall
Our Opinion: Mind-boggling puzzles and eye-opening tricks await you at this wonderous museum filled with whim and fancy. Kids will spend hours trying to work out the seemingly simple puzzles and be amazed and frustrated all at the same time by the fabulous spectacles. Adults will absolutely love this place too; we certainly did.

My Gym: Practice & Play Session or Gymnastics or Zumba Class

Estimated Savings: OMR4 or OMR7
Location: Panorama Mall
Our Opinion: Fitness made fun! This is a gym specifically for children and we think it’s so cool! It offers age-appropriate, fun training classes for kids between the age of 6 months and 15 years. Kids learn all kinds of skills here. They learn to interact with other kids, get fit and have fun! We just wish there was something like this when we were kids and it’s perfect for World Children’s Day in Oman.


Charlotte Bright