Dumplings Galore in Oman!

It’s International Dumpling Day on September 26th! We love a good dumpling, whether they’re steamed, fried or a cheeky bao bun bursting with exciting fillings! We can’t eat Asian food without ordering a batch or three (we pretend to share them but really, we just eat them all ourselves). To mark this wondrous day we have sorted through where to find dumplings galore in Oman with Buy One Get One Free Offers of course!

The Mandarin: Main Course

Estimated Savings: OMR2
Location: Sohar Plaza

Zen Asia Bistro: Main Course

Estimated Savings: OMR5
Location: Oman Avenues Mall

The Asian: Main Course

Estimated Savings: OMR4
Location: Ghubra

Mamasan: Main Course

Estimated Savings: OMR5
Location: Ghubra

We don’t know about you but we now have a serious craving for some chicken shumai and a fluffy, hot out the steamer, bao bun. We’ll save you a seat but we can’t promise they’ll be any dumplings left…yalla!


Charlotte Bright