What’s Hot In Dubai, By The Healthy Nomads

We arrived at Life ‘n One eager to meet the bloggers, the Healthy Nomads.

Known for their globe-trotting adventures, love of good food, and getting the most out of life, we knew we’d be in for a good time. However, what we didn’t anticipate was meeting two people who we now consider great friends. Spanish Diana and Dutch Chris are two of the nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting in Dubai (and trust us we’ve met a few!). Warm natured, down to earth, and enthusiastic about life, the Healthy Nomads were amazing at telling us where their favourite spots in Dubai are.

So, get to know the lovely couple behind the Healthy Nomads. You’re going to love them just as much as we do!

Also, check out our second video with the Healthy Nomads where we gave them a series of quickfire questions!

Be sure to check out the Healthy Nomad’s blog and their Instagram account for brilliant travel tips, the best foodie spots, homemade recipes and much more!