Working Up A Sweat At The Room Abu Dhabi

As you all know lots of us here at the ENTERTAINER are on a mission to become fitter and healthier. But we’re not going to lie there are many days when our tolerance for downing green juices and squats runs a little thin.

So, we thought we’d get some motivation from one of our favourite fitness bloggers and qualified personal trainers, Tiffany. For all of those who follow Tiffany on Instagram, (@thatfit_journey) you’ll know all about her bucket list challenge to become fitter. So, we thought we’d help her along by taking her to The Room in Abu Dhabi for one of their Functional Training and Spinning Classes.

Go on, it’s time to get off that bum of yours and move a little! There really is no excuse as there are lots of different exercise options available in your Abu Dhabi Body 2017. If you fancy an upbeat class then look no further than The Room as featured in our video or how about trying out a gym membership? Whatever you fancy take a look at all of the different available options in your ENTERTAINER and be inspired. Happy exercising everyone!