Blogger Bites: Milli Midwood, Design & Conquer (Video)

We confess. We rather envy Milli Midwood, the blonde bombshell behind the blog, Design and Conquer.

A fashion editor and stylist by profession, Milli clearly lives and breathes everything fashion and manages to not only look effortlessly chic at all times, yes even when sweating it out at the gym, sob, but she’s also got a cracking sense of humour. Apparently, you can have it all! We’re not jealous at all…

We already felt like we knew Milli from her blog where she regularly shares fashion looks, beauty tips, restaurant reviews, and her travel escapades. However, we decided to get to know her a little better and find out exactly which parts of Dubai she loves. Having lived in Dubai for the last 23 years we figured she’d have a pretty good idea!

Check out our videos where we asked Milli a series of quick fire questions.

Take a glimpse into Milli’s world with her beautiful Instagram account. Expect wardrobe envy, hair goals, the best workout classes, and travel destinations galore.