A Date Night For Just About Anyone

Been together a while, just got married, or not really into the whole romance thing? Whatever your situation or interests there’s always a way to reignite that spark with the perfect date night made just for you. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of the best activities to have you falling in love all over again!

For the ex you’re trying to win back

Ok, you’re going to have to pull out all of the stops for this one. You’re going to need flip-flops and sunshine, and you’re going to need them now! Book a break and get away from it all with your ENTERTAINER Hotels Worldwide where a change of scenery will (hopefully!) act as a completely new chapter for you both. And hey, if it doesn’t then at least you’ll both return with epic tans!

For the newly singles

Get your best mates together and go for a slap up meal. The conversation is guaranteed to flow and be far more entertaining than sitting opposite your boring ex anyway! Ladies listen to Carrie Bradshaw who once said, “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.” and treat yourselves to a date night with your favourites girls at Asia Asia. Boys head to Bidi Bondi or Barasti where you can enjoy a laid back evening watching live sports on the big screen with delicious food.

For the romantic

Two words. Ice-skating. Wrapped up warm, holding hands, and looking longingly into each other’s eyes. Yes, it may all sound very primary school to you but us girls love a bit of old fashion cheesy fun and skating at the Dubai Ice Rink is the perfect way for you to be the hero and catch us when we stumble…Swoon.

For the anti-romantic

For all of those that cringe at the smoochy soppy stuff, how about treating them to something completely out of the box? Book in with Hydro Watersports for a Flyboard Session and take to the skies for a once in a lifetime experience which will have your date thinking you can make all of their dreams come true.

For those that want to bring the kids along

Once you have kids, date night becomes a family affair. It’s just the way it is and if you left them at home you’d probably miss them anyway! So, how about enjoying a game of bowling? You’re guaranteed to love it just as much as the kids will. Head to Yalla! Bowling, don a sexy pair of bowling shoes and see who will become the Pin King champion.

For the broke newly-weds

Planning a wedding is an expensive task and it can take a while to pay back that big hefty bill. So, don’t go spending money on an expensive date night just because you feel like you should. Instead, pack your picnic blanket, your favourite cheese and chutney, then head to the beach and watch the sun go down.

For the adrenaline junky

Nothing says I love you more than getting thrown full speed off a banana boat… Ok, I jest but if your date is after adrenaline then that’s exactly what they’re going to get! Go along to Big Kahuna Arabia who will whip you around the Jumeirah shoreline so fast you won’t even have time to shout “Hold on!»

For the fitness fanatic

No, I’m not suggesting you go for a run together (we can do better than that!) but I am suggesting you get up close and personal with a dance class together. Head along to Dance For You where you and your date can have a go at living out your Strictly Come Dancing fantasies. Have a go at the passionate tango, sexy salsa or the classy English Waltz. Whichever dance style you choose this is a sure way to get you in the mood for a romantic and memorable evening.

Treat that special someone to a day or night out to remember. You really have no excuse as all of these activities are available in your ENTERTAINER! Happy romancing!