Behind The Scenes With Jaye And Foe

If you watched our UAE National Day video then you’ll already know a little about Jaye and Foe, and if you didn’t then click here to find out what I’m talking about! Jaye and Foe are the amazing band who helped us celebrate UAE National Day by doing an amazing cover of the ‘Back In Dubai’ song, originally produced and sung by The Establishment and Sal Davis.

We thought you might like to know them a little bit better so I asked them a few questions. Check out their answers, as well as watching some behind the scenes footage of them in the studio with us.

Hi, Jaye and Foe. How long have you been in Dubai for?

Faye grew up here in Dubai but is originally from Manchester in the UK. Joe is also from Manchester and has been in the Middle East for 9 years in total, but Dubai for 5 years.  Dean is from Melbourne, Australia and has been here about 4 years.

    Jaye and Foe Dubai How did Jaye and Foe begin?

Faye started playing solo at Abbo’s open mic night at Pizza Express and at Freshly Ground Sounds. Then Joe joined her on keys as a duo and then Dean came on board with the trumpet. At the core, we’re a trio but slowly expanding and we play with upright bass and bari-sax when we can.

 Jaye and Foe Dubai

What was it about this project that excited you?

The time frame was a bit of a challenge but therein lies the panic/excitement that spurs you on. Also, it was an opportunity to re-imagine an original song about Dubai back in the day, which doesn’t come along very often.

Jaye and Foe Dubai
How long did it take you to learn the song?

Learning it didn’t take too long, maybe an hour or so for the structure, chords and vocals. Experimenting with the arrangement and trying out our ideas took about 12 hours until we were happy to record.

Jaye and Foe Dubai

How will you be celebrating National day?

We’ll be gigging! We have a new residence gig at The Back Yard (an amazing outdoor venue!) at the Steigenberger Hotel every Friday from 1pm-5pm… So join us!

Jaye and Foe Dubai

What do you love about the UAE?

It’s always been very welcoming, full of opportunities and the diversity of cultures makes it an incredibly vibrant place to live and work. As musicians writing and performing our original songs, we’re thrilled to be a part of the developing music and arts scene here. It has grown so much in the past couple of years and it’s building a real creative community which is just marvellous!

A huge thank you to Jaye and Foe who did an amazing job recreating The Establishment and Sal Davis’ song. We absolutely love it and enjoyed spending time with you. Make sure you check them out at one of their gigs around Dubai!