3 Awesome Insta-Tips by Instagrammer @Tjasha

Who else opens their Instagram account first thing in the morning, barely giving your eyelids enough time to peel open? Yep, we’re guilty too! It’s so bad we fear we’re a little obsessed! But that’s ok because everyone needs a guilty pleasure and besides we can’t be blamed for scrolling endlessly when there are people on Instagram like content creator @tjasha. Her photos are simply stunning—the perfect light, the perfect layout, the perfect, well, everything and we love catching a glimpse into her life which is full of flaky croissants and frothy cappuccinos. Ummm can we have your life please Tjasha?!

We’re always trying to discover new ways to improve our photos and luckily for us we managed to lure Tjasha (with the promise of good coffee and yummy cakes) to the lovely Bertin Bistro & Restaurant where she agreed to let us in on some of her photography tips.

A huge thank you to Bertin Bistro & Restaurant who let us practically take over the whole of their restaurant and kept us topped up with yummy flat whites whilst we practised our flat lays. Make sure you pay them a visit where you can enjoy 2 for 1 offers on Breakfast or a Main Course with your ENTERTAINER—perfect Instagram material.

Also, you can get to know Tjasha a little better with our exclusive interview here and be sure to check out her Instagram account for more insane photography shots and her great eye for detail.