Hidden Gems: The Headway Institute (Video)

One thing I love about the UAE is that there are so many different nationalities here.

I was so inspired by this that when I arrived in Dubai I swore to myself I would teach myself Arabic. Has it happened? No. I actually feel rather shamefaced about this but I think, in my defence, I completely underestimated how difficult it would be to teach myself another language. So when we arrived at The Headway Institute I was hoping it would spur me on to get some language classes booked up!

We met Elizabeth, one of the super talented teachers at The Headway Institute. With a range of languages and courses under her belt, she is one clever lady. Here she is telling us a little bit more about the hidden gem that is the Headway Institute.

Up for a challenge?

As we were speaking to Elizabeth I couldn’t help but feel incredibly lazy about my own lack of learning. Let’s be completely honest, learning a new language is so much more appealing with 2 for 1 classes with the ENTERTAINER. So go on give it a go with me, perhaps we’ll shock those back at home yet!