The Best Date Activities In Dubai

I bet your last date revolved around being taken out for dinner or meeting for a drink somewhere you’ve been a hundred times before. Although pleasant (well depending on the person sitting opposite you!), let’s be honest it’s not exactly groundbreaking. If you really want to impress someone then you have to think a little bit outside of the box. Here’s my list of the best date activities in Dubai.

Go to an art class

Ok, so it may not involve clay, Demi Moore or Patrick Swayze, but going to an art class is a close second to getting your Ghost movie moment. Head to The Jam Jar for one of the best art classes around where you’ll both get to unleash your creativity and experience something new together.

Cruise the Arabian Gulf

If you want to treat your date to seeing all of the main sights of Dubai but still want a bit of adrenaline filled fun then The Yellow Boat is for you. You’ll both jump aboard a yellow, inflatable boat and float by Dubai Marina’s towering skyline, urban developments, and ultra-luxurious yachts. You’ll then head into the open seas, before exploring Palm Jumeirah. You’ll also be treated to fantastic views of the Atlantis hotel and Dubai’s seven-star hotel, Burj Al Arab.

Unleash your Jamie Oliver

In most cases too many cooks spoil the broth but getting together in the kitchen is a sure-fire way to get to know a person’s true colours. Hey, you might even find yourself cooking alongside the next Gordon Ramsey! The Top Chef Cooking Studio is the perfect place to unearth those cooking skills you didn’t even know you had. This enjoyable introduction to cooking will not only teach you the basics of cooking, but you’ll also get to sit around the large dining table and enjoy the delicious food you’ve made with the other cooking students. A great sociable date with some of the nicest chefs around meaning they’ll be no awkward silences!

Take a walk on the beach

If you really want to put your heart and soul into a date then head along to one of Dubai’s many gorgeous beaches and take full advantage of the stunning date setting. Go one evening when the weather is nice and cool with a picnic basket bursting full of delicious food and let the view do the work for you. Best of all if you’re a bit strap for cash then it doesn’t need to cost you a penny!

Score a strike

Who doesn’t like a game of bowling? Head along to Magic Planet Bowling where you’ll really learn someone’s true character. What style socks did they wear? Or perhaps they didn’t wear any (gross!). What happened when they scored a strike? Did they scream, “IN YOUR FACE!” in a very loud manner? Did they miss the pins and sulk in the corner all evening? All of these questions will give you either a reason for a second date or have you making a swift exit!

Float high in the air

Although not in the ENTERTAINER, there is nothing more special or romantic than a hot air balloon ride. Go with the Balloon Adventures Emirates who will take you jaw-droppingly high. Once the nerves have subsided you’ll get to marvel at the awesome sunrise views, see the protected wildlife in Dubai Desert Conservation Reservation, witness the changing colours of the sand dunes and barren landscapes, and get some decent snaps. A date guaranteed to impress even the fussiest of people.

Try your hand at water-sports

The idea of getting into your bikini on a first date may fill you with dread but once you get over that you’ll realise you’re guaranteed a really good giggle. Why? Because you’re both going face down in the water at some point! Especially if you rent a stand-up paddle board or try your hand at windsurfing. Look up Watercooled who do just about every water-sport going. So, be prepared to try to impress your date with your amazing balance skills and perfect beachy hair… Good luck!

Take to the Skies

If you think Dubai is impressive from the ground imagine what it looks like from above. Hop on board with Seawings Dubai, soar high in the air and take in Dubai’s fantastic architecture, the glistening Arabian Gulf, and the vast amount of desert. Seawings Dubai is the perfect whistle-stop tour of Dubai and will ensure you get unrivalled aerial access to all of our best spots. Although sadly not in the ENTERTAINER, Seawings Dubai is a great way to treat your date to a day in the life of a VIP.

Relax on a Spa day

Life in Dubai can be hectic and after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is get to know your date in a noisy bar where the most conversation you’ll have is, “sorry, what. Can you say that again?”. If you head to a spa then not only will you be pampered but you’ll also get to know each other in a chilled state. I love the Saray Spa in the JW Marriott for the most heavenly massages and relaxed ambience.

That’s my round-up of the best date activities in Dubai which will, hopefully, help create life long memories. But hey if you didn’t then at least you’ve seen some of the best sites Dubai has to offer. Remember, you can use your ENTERTAINER at  Jam Jar, The Yellow BoatTop Chef Cooking StudioMagic Planet Bowling, Watercooledand Saray SpaSo there’s really no excuse for just dinner and a movie!


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