Jeddah’s Newest ENTERTAINER Offers Are Here!

If the sound of ‘offers’, ‘savings’ and ‘2 for 1’ excites you, you’re in the right place. With Jeddah’s new offers, you will be able to do a bit more this month, while still having fun and saving as well!

What exactly do Jeddah’s new offers have in store for you?

Applebee’s: Main Dish

Location: Mall of Arabia

The infamous American franchise offers you the best varied menu in town. Enjoy the classic American dishes from burgers to steaks, salads to delicious pasta dishes, you will surely find what you crave. Don’t forget to order from their dessert menu to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Taste of India: Main Course

Location: Al faisalyia

Are you a fan of Indian cuisine and like your food a little bit extra spicy? Taste of India offers the best authentic Indian dishes in town. Enjoy a tasty menu from across various regions in India and save S.R.40 when using the ENTERTAINER offer.

Swiss House: Main Course

Location: Various

Swiss House was established to offer high end service with the best quality in food and drinks. Bring your family and friends to enjoy a wide variety of International cuisine. The flavours are very unique that will keep you coming back for more!

F6or Faris: Main Menu Item

Location: Various

If you are looking for a distinctive place that offers unlimited choices for breakfast, then head to F6or Faris. Offering dishes from the East and the West, you will surely find what you like. They are famous for the varied options of egg dishes and waffles and pancakes. Take the family for a tasty breakfast during the weekend!

Mankoushet Sity: Main Menu Item

Location: Various

Craving a traditional homemade mankousha like grandma used to make it? Well, don’t look further as Mankoushet Sity offers just that! The best homemade mankousha with a variety of fillings to choose from. Use your ENTERTAINER to avail this offer that will take you back to the old streets of Lebanon and Syria.

Roody’s: Chicken Fajita

Location: Al Naeem

Roody’s brings a Turkish touch to traditional plates that are too irresistible! Enjoy a varied menu and try the tasty chicken fajita that will take you on a journey to Mexico. Using your ENTERTAINER will save S.R.25, isn’t that a tasty deal?!

We just love adding more things for you to see and do! To see all of Jeddah’s new offers, don’t forget to click on your ‘New’ tab in the App!