Jordan, the jewel of the Middle East

Jordan is a small country with a big heart; it’s a medley of ancient history and culture and has numerous Unesco World Heritage sites. Despite the neighbouring conflict, Jordan is a welcoming and peaceful destination for everyone.

Exploring Jordan: things to see and do


Dating back more than 2000 years,  Petra will take your breath away. Petra was once part of the Silk Road to China and India but was abandoned in the 12th century. The West rediscovered it in 1812.

Today, Petra has been the filming location for legendary movies such as Transformers and Indiana Jones.


A contrast to Petra, Jerash is the most well-preserved ancient Roman city outside of Italy. Dating back 6500 years, Jerash was an essential city on Rome’s ancient trade route.

The Dead Sea

Float to your heart’s content in the dead sea. Because of the salt content in the water, you can stay afloat for hours (and read a newspaper, as the locals do).

The minerals of the dead sea are said to have healing qualities. Locals rub mud all over their bodies to treat illnesses and to cleanse their skin. Give it a try!

Five things to know before visiting Jordan

1. Jordan is safe, but you should take precautions

Violent crime is scarce in Jordan. Gallup’s Law and Order Report ranked Jordan 9th (out of 135) in the world when assessing a sense of personal security. Despite this, it’s a good idea to buy personal and travel insurance. Don’t travel with large amounts of cash.

2. Dress respectfully

Jordan is a Muslim-majority country, but Christians, Jews and people of various beliefs live peacefully in Jordan. To make sure everyone is comfortable, dress respectfully by avoiding low-tops, short skirts, and shorts.

3. Forget your table manners

Eating is carefree in Jordan. So, don’t be afraid to get stuck in with your hands. Using your hands indicates to the locals that you’re enjoying their food too.

4. Taxis are cheap but always ask to see the meter

Yellow taxis can be found everywhere in Jordan. Taxis use a meter that counts the fare you will need to pay. Some taxi drivers can sting you, so always ask to see the meter before and after your journey.

5. Don’t drink water from the tap

Tap water is not drinkable in Jordan, and recycling facilities are scarce. Make sure to help the environment by recycling your plastic bottles whenever you can.

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Happy travelling!


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