6 tips to help you escape to Singapore this summer

Are you planning to escape to Singapore? We don’t blame you. It’s lush with great food, a great climate and its own ENTERTAINER app. *hint, hint* I mean, look at these views!

We want you to live a like a local while you are there, so here are six things to know before you go. 

Be prepared to spend more

When budgeting for your Singapore trip, it’s useful to add 20% to your spending money. Singapore is ranked as one of the most expensive countries, globally. There are tonnes of free attractions and museums for budget-conscious travellers but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Dress for hot weather

The temperature in Singapore ranges from 26–34 degrees Celsius on average. (And high humidity means you might sweat – a lot!) Pack your high-est strength deodorant and your breeziest clothing. Bring an umbrella too as sunshine can turn into downpours a in minute.

Avoid taxis and use public transport

Public transport in Singapore is affordable and safe. Grab an EZ-Link card to use on the buses and subways; they’re similar to London’s Oyster card. Bike-sharing is an accessible and a cheap way to get around. 

Drinking and smoking is expensive

Buying a drink in a bar in Singapore is an expensive affair. Most bars have happy hour deals (or you can use the ENTERTAINER Singapore app), so keep an eye out for price drops. Cigarettes are also costly, and smoking is banned in most public areas.

Don’t break the rules 

Singapore is known for its strict laws and regulations. Spitting out your chewing gum or littering or on public property may result in a fine if you get caught. Despite its many rules, Singapore is rated one of the safest countries in the world.

No need to tip 

It’s not customary to tip in Singapore and service staff don’t expect tips, but it’s welcome if you’ve experienced excellent service. Smaller shops and some cafes charge a “net” fee which might include a service fee, look for a “++” symbol on your menu. I mean we’d tip this sugar bae 😉

If you’ll be in Singapore for a while, consider buying the ENTERTAINER app there and always book your hotel deal with ENTERTAINER Getaways so you don’t pay over the odds.



Amanda Rosowski