Travelling to New York: What you need to know

Neon signs, bright lights, Broadway marquis, crowds of people, honking horns, and yellow taxis – endless things to see and do…

If New York City has captured your imagination and you want to visit, here’s a roundup of what you need to know.


Ask for directions:  you might have heard that New Yorkers are rude, but it’s not the case. Don’t hesitate to ask directions; locals know the city inside out.


Take cash with you: Cash-only restaurants and bars are common in New York, and most ATMs include a high-fee. You’ll need some money for tips and taxi fare too.


Stealing a cab is bad karma: you might have seen it in films: someone hops in a taxi before the other person has a chance to say ‘taxi’. Taxis are in abundance, so if you see someone waiting, get in line.

Plan your itinerary before you go: there are hundreds and thousands of attractions, museums, monuments and other sites to see. Plan and buy tickets to avoid long queues.


Choose central accommodation: find a hotel within comfortable walking distance to a subway station. From there, you can get across the city in no time.


Don’t block the sidewalks and escalators: If you need to check a map, take a picture or send a text, find a safe place to stand at the side of the sidewalk. In NY, paths and escalators operate like motorways.


The list is endless, so make sure you continue to research your New York trip. Have a great time and check out ENTERTAINER Getaways for the best deals on your hotel stay.


Amanda Rosowski
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