You Know You Need A Public Holiday When…

If you agree with 3 or more of the statements below, you are officially in need of a Public Holiday. Good job we’ve got an extra day off this weekend then!

You wake up on Sunday like…

Which has led you to press the snooze button on your phone more than three times this morning already.

When the lovely barista at your local café takes 5 seconds longer preparing your cappuccino and you want to punch him in the throat.

You spend a lot of time gazing out of the window.

You report your friend’s holiday photos on Instagram as ‘inappropriate’ which you find hilarious.

Every little thing is starting to bug you.

In fact, even these GIFs are starting to…

Work has become insignificant.

Working 9am-5pm has left you resembling Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Checking your ENTERTAINER Hotels Worldwide and getting excited about that dream trip away…

You’re just so so tired.

We don’t know about you but we can’t wait for our extra long weekend! Remember you can’t use your ENTERTAINER on Public Holidays (please don’t hurt us!) but you can the rest of the year so we reckon it’s still a pretty good deal! Have a lovely weekend everyone!


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