Say Hello To Easy Pay!

Having access to the hottest 2 for 1 offers across delicious restaurants, high-end bars, luxurious spas and the best activities around has just got a whole lot easier. ‘Tell me more!”, I hear you cry! Because we’ve just launched Easy Pay.

So, what exactly is Easy Pay? Well, it does exactly what it says on the tin. It makes paying for your ENTERTAINER product super easy as you can now pay for your ENTERTAINER in monthly instalments, making it a whole lot lighter on your wallet.

What’s even better is you will still have access to all of your usual benefits. So, you will still receive 10 pings per product purchased, you will still be able to collect your well-deserved Smiles, and, of course, you will still have exactly the same amount of amazing 2 for 1 offers in your App.

Oh, and another thing worth mentioning. You can start this at any time of the year between 1st March and 31st October (your product will run right up until 30th December) and you’ll only be charged from the month you purchase the product. Meaning you’ll only pay for the months ahead and not the ones you missed. So, the ENTERTAINER is now the best option no matter what time of year you purchase it!

To find out more about Easy Pay works simply click here.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and enjoy all of your amazing offers!


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