the ENTERTAINER UK 2019 Is Here!

2018 has flown by and we can’t quite believe how fast 2019 is approaching! This means we’ll soon be getting ready for Christmas and the New Year but it also means one more, really exciting thing…the launch of ENTERTAINER 2019! That’s right, we’re bringing you our early bird offer so you can get 2019 and 2018 unlocked and for existing members, you get your 2018 offers topped-up. How cool is that?!

Why you need the ENTERTAINER 2019

Say hello to these exciting new features!

  • Burn Smiles for even more discount! – Existing ENTERTAINER members can get an additional discount on top of the early bird price by using 500 Smiles when purchasing any core 2019 product, meaning you only pay £17,95 for ENTERTAINER England, ENTERTAINER Scotland or ENTERTAINER Wales.
  • Dazzling 5-star merchants – you won’t want to miss these exciting new experiences!
  • Integrated account sharing – the ability to add family and friends to your account.

This year we made significant enhancements (and incredible new additions) to the App and of course lots of fabulous new offers. As we gear up for bigger and better things in 2019 (stayed tuned because they’re going to blow your socks off), we want to celebrate, which is why we’re offering you our 2019 products at the early bird price from 23rd October, for a limited time only! On top of this great price, buy your ENTERTAINER 2019 and get your first add-on free!

What are the options?

What combo will you choose? Well, whatever you choose, you can’t miss ‘Cheers’ (2-for-1 offers on drinks)!

If you just can’t choose or want to splurge and get all the products to make 2019 a year of great savings, you can bundle our offers, with either Scotland, Wales, England, or even spice things up and add Cyprus and Malta to your ENTERTAINER 2019.

That’s not all though…with the purchase of your 2019 digital product, ENTERTAINER members will enjoy exclusive access to ‘ENTERTAINER Travel’, our awesome in-app booking engine with buy one night, get one night free offers, up to 60% off and excusive rates at over 550,000 hotels and attractions worldwide.

So, here are 4 quick reasons we think you should buy your ENTERTAINER 2019 now…

  1. Price – because who doesn’t love saving some extra money?
  2. FREE add-ons – we all love free things!
  3. Unlock 2018 offers or get a top-up – you can start saving straight away!
  4. New merchants – along with your old favourites some very exciting new offers are ready and waiting…

Don’t put it off any longer! Buy your ENTERTAINER 2019 now for thousands of amazing 2-for-1 offers and discounts across an abundance of places, because #savershavemorefun!


Amanda Rosowski