Mental Health, Reiki and Recovery with Enfys Jones

Enfys Studio Health Centre opened their doors to us recently. We had the opportunity to speak with proprietor Enfys Jones about their work towards mindfulness and mental health.

How would you describe your practice to outsiders?

We help people deal with wellbeing and mental health issues, so that they are able to live successfully in the complex modern world that we have created. We facilitate their ability to manage stress and cope better with life. The majority of people that come to see us do it because their lives have in some way or other, become out of balance. Our environment is potentially stressful but we are all fully equipped to deal with this if we are operating from the right part of the mind and creating enough health promoting chemicals.

If we are not nurturing our basic humans needs and living a healthy life, the stress hormones resulting from this can switch the mind into survival mode. The threat is not real but the mind perceives danger or crisis and our fight, flight and freeze mechanisms takeover. This can have a damaging impact on the emotional, physical and mental health of the individual. We invite people to utilise their minds as a kind of virtual rehearsal space, in the safe environment of our clinic, to practise visualising and feeling a more resilient and positive future, in which they are coping better and living happier lives.

Q: And what approach do you lean towards?

We are Advanced Medical Hypnotherapists and Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapists, which is a powerful combination of tried and tested methods that help individuals to get back on track and stay on track (often for the first time in their lives).

Psychotherapy is the conversational aspect of the process, during which we talk to our clients and teach them coping strategies so they can move forward positively. The other part of the process is hypnotherapy, which is a special sleepy, beautifully natural and safe deep relaxation. In that particular state of mind we have access to the subconscious, to which we communicate direct and indirect suggestions, which help to unlock negative patterns of thought and behaviour and form new positive ones.

We are also highly qualified in mindfulness, meditation, Reiki and reflexology, which are the complementary treatments we use at the practice to improve our client’s mental health.

And in which way are you positioned more towards coaching, and less towards traditional counselling?

Neither. Our work has an element of coaching but we are essentially solution focused practitioners and believe that the client has their own strengths and resources and know what is right for them. We simply light up their way.  Therapies that focus on looking into the past for reasons why things have gone wrong may serve some people. But for us, as brain based specialists, the latest medical neuroscientific studies and knowledge about the brain clearly indicates that delving into the past just re-fires those negative thought patterns and embeds them further in the psyche.

It is far more beneficial to look for solutions and create new positive, healthy and happy neural pathways. We gather appropriate information about the client’s past, to understand fully the issues they are presenting and to clarify what they want to achieve. When we are living in the present enjoying life in a balanced healthy way, we are fully utilising our brain’s evolutionary capacity.

When we are negatively influenced by the past or worrying about the future, we are simply surviving from the primitive part of the mind, wrenched by the hormones of stress and are unable to access the natural strengths and resources of the modern mind.

It’s very eye-opening the way you’ve positioned yourselves in relation to the past, very refreshing and pro-active.

In the clinical setting, we work with clients to reframe their future. Instead of being haunted by the past, it is possible to utilise past experiences turning them round into informative lessons that help us to make better decisions in our present and into our future. This helps us to move forwards positively. Then, we are not victims of our past but wiser, stronger human beings.

Q: What made you chose this career path? Has neuro-science always being of interest to you?

Yes, absolutely! I worked as a performer for many years within the field of experimental multimedia theatre. The work was very focused on the human condition, how we think, feel, relate and behave in everyday life. Much of the work was highly emotional in content and often had  interesting links with mental health issues. It was a natural progression for me to gravitate towards the field I specialise in now. Also, the knowledge of the mind, body  spirit  that I gained from being a contemporary dancer was invaluable. Being a contemporary dancer largely centred on being in tune with your body in time, energy and space. That’s all we are is energy and to rediscover your energy’s innate potential is very inspiring.

Too many things get in the way nowadays, isn’t it?

It’s true that we can get stuck on a hamster’s wheel of lifestyle patterns involving work, family and social activities. At Enfys Studio we have a sister company, The Penarth Practice where we specialise in Advanced Medical Hypnotherapy and Clinical Solution Focused Psychotherapy. This form of therapy deals specifically in helping people to create a work-life balance where they are able to achieve their goals and lead a full life in a grounded, positive manner.

It is always possible to get unstuck with the right help and obstacles won’t get in the way with the right mind’s set, but will instead provide fresh avenues of personal growth.

Would you say the majority of your clients come from that perspective?

Work-related issues and stress are a large percentage of our demographics, of course. But all sorts of issues are presented to us from all ages of people in many varying life situations. Teenage issues are significant at the moment, from confidence or exam stress to social media or technology addictions. There is certainly a theme that individuals of all descriptions are struggling to cope in a multitude of ways with the stressors and complications of life.

It really is a rat race out there, our world seems more and more hectic.

I think the world is beautifully energised and not hectic at all. It is a matter of practising techniques that change your perspective on life. Meditation and holistic therapies are a great way of doing this. Brain based practices such as Hypnotherapy and Meditation improve mental health and emotional wellbeing. If we change our energy, our life changes. Things appear to slow down around you, if you relax your inner peace from a place of grounded authenticity.

Do you thing we’ve forgotten how to accept disappointments?

The point is that when we are living healthy balanced lives and our mind is functioning in a balanced and ordered way, we don’t recognise the concept of disappointment as we see life as a learning curve. We can learn how to create the future we desire, which allows us to understand we are always where we are supposed to be at any given time.

Just to finish, Enfys, could you tell me what’s the most rewarding part of your job?

To see our clients benefitting from the process of this special therapeutic change. This process changes people’s lives through mental health and that’s pretty incredible! It is possible to change and update past repetitive patterns and to overcome negative and self-destructive emotional behaviour addictions.

We all have the capacity to change for the better and to have a healthier relationship with ourselves and others. My love, life and work partner, Gareth Strangemore-Jones shares this vocational journey with me, which is an inspiring and blessed platform from which to help others.

Take a moment to nurture yourself, don’t hesitate to visit Enfys Studio Health Centre, and benefit from their Mindfulness and Meditation, Quantum Healing, Reflexology and Reiki sessions, all included in the ENTERTAINER Wales.


Amanda Rosowski