Top 3 things to do in Dubai | March Edition

Spring is on the way! Normally this would be cause for celebration but not in the desert. The cooler months are sacred and maybe we’re imaging it, but is it getting hotter already? Let’s not think about that…let’s talk about the top 3 things to do in Dubai this month, instead!

As usual, we have been working hard to bring you the greatest offers in the country. In this March edition, we’ve got tremendous new places to visit and even more special monthly offers waiting to be redeemed.

Editor’s Pick

York Diagnostic Laboratories: 50% Off Food & Drink Scan 208

Estimated Savings: AED1,200
Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster D, Indigo Tower
Our Opinion: York Diagnostics popped onto our radar and we’d be lying if we said it didn’t pique our interest. As we discussed amongst ourselves what we all thought we were allergic to (which we later learnt means something different to intolerant), we knew we had to try it for ourselves.

We booked ourselves in as soon as possible and got straight to business. We were all wary of finding out that our favourite foods were actually doing us harm, but I took one for the team and put on a brave face. From the moment we walked in we were greeted and treated like family. The process of taking the blood was fast and as painless as possible and what took us by surprise was how quickly the results came back!

York Diagnostics is fully-equipped to test pretty much everything you can think of right there in the lab and I received my full blood work-up that evening through email. I wasn’t left to fend for myself though, I was invited back to talk to the wonderful Dr.Jay about my results. He went through each part, putting me at ease (and feeling a little proud if I’m honest – I got quite a few ‘excellent’ remarks).

They keep everything on file for you so you can log-in and see your past results anytime you want. York offers a reliable and discreet service at seriously reasonable prices. You can come here and get yourself tested for just about anything at any time, no questions asked.

We were beyond impressed and if you’re interested in what happened with the food and drink intolerance test….stay tuned because we have something exciting in the works.

Monthly Offer

The Glasshouse – Breakfast Combo

Estimated Savings: AED118
Location: Al Furjan Clubhouse, Jebel Ali
Our Opinion: The weather is just teetering on the edge of change right now and we want to give you all the excuses possible to get outside while you still can. The Glasshouse has a wonderful view over the club swimming pool and a fantastic breakfast offer on the app that isn’t to be missed.

New Offer

La Cucina – Main Course, House Beverage

Estimated Savings: AED100 or AED35
Location: Club Vista Mare, the Palm Jumeirah
Our Opinion: Club Vista Mare is one of our top-rated places to go for a relaxed atmosphere and stunning views. You’ll feel like you’re on a mini staycay for a few hours while sitting along the beach, eating good food and watching the waves lap the sand.  La Cucina offers comforting Italian fare and rustic vibes. It’s really quite dreamy.


Charlotte Bright