Flying High With The PAD Restaurant & Bar

As soon as you take your seat overlooking the unspoiled views over the Thames, a bubbling crisp glass of prosecco in hand, it doesn’t take you long to realise why The Pad Restaurant & Bar is called The Pad Restaurant & Bar. Why? Because all of a sudden the wind picks up, and a muffled chuff, chuff, chuff noise starts to get louder and louder as a helicopter descends right in front of you. You don’t have to be an av geek to find this pretty exciting.

Of course, the entertaining views and exclusive spot directly in front of the London Heliport aren’t the only things The PAD Restaurant & Bar in Battersea excels at. Serving refined and delicious European cuisine in a gorgeous retro setting complete with cocktail bar serving up every tipple imaginable makes this restaurant one hell of a spot.

But hey, don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our visit to The Pad Restaurant & Bar and see for yourselves… Then reserve your seat sharpish. This is one experience you don’t want to miss. Especially as you can use your 2 for 1 ENTERTAINER offer on a main course and cocktail! Did someone say Mojito o’clock?