The best hidden burgers in Swansea

You might not know these places are serving great burgers in Swansea

There’s nothing quite like biting into a burger made with a perfectly cooked patty and all the trimmings. (Plus chips – always chips.) Whether you’re a hamburger purist or need so many toppings you can barely lift the bun, we’ve got your next burger sorted.

Here’s our top picks for hidden beefy goodness:


They call themselves Wind Street’s best kept secret for a reason. You wouldn’t think a little cafe like Tino’s would be serving out big flavor in their burgers but the secret is a little chorizo with that melted cheese… and we think it makes all the difference. Delish!

Hogans Bar & Grill

Hogans Bar & Grill in Swansea is a #foodporn paradise if you like big, juicy American-style burgers but don’t want to wade the Atlantic. You won’t want to miss out on their incredible beef burger with a chili cheese topping! Yummy!


Home of the WAFFLE BURGER – need we say more? It says so above the door! For those on a health kick, this might not be for you. (Carb-o-load!) We don’t want to spoil the recipe; just go try it for yourself. It’s got to be seen to be believed but your plate will be spotless after.

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Amanda Rosowski
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