New Year Gets A Brazilian Makeover: Boteco Do Brasil

Igniting the carnival-style buzz synonymous with South America, Boteco Do Brasil in Glasgow and Edinburgh serves a vibrant tapas selection, timeless delicioso Brazilian recipes and zingy cocktails – saude (cheers)!

In Brazil, a boteco is a relaxed, friendly neighbourhood bar where bohemians enjoy good drinks and bar snacks in a lively atmosphere with upbeat Latin tunes that makes you want to “shake what yo mama gave ya.”

The Inspiration behind Boteco Do Brasil in Glasgow and Edinburgh comes from the traditional botecos of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. A rainbow of coloured murals and native memorabilia sweep through the dining room.

We visited the guys at Boteco Do Brasil in Glasgow, see the video above to check what we got up to!

Since the ENTERTAINER will be off during NYE and New Year’s Day, you can get inspiration with a visit to Boteco, and then host your own carnival-style celebration. Here are some carnival party ideas courtesy of the ENTERTAINER team:

1) Face painting: complete your look with a carnival-themed face painting competition

2) Traditional red and white stripes with a contrasting blue are always a good choice for decorations

3) For the ultimate Scottish/Brazilian carnival treat, make fried Oreos. Dip the Oreos in cake batter, deep fry and dust with cinnamon sugar – yum!

4) Make Personalised party favours or stickers that you can attach to goodie bags.

5) Style your drinks with carnival themed stripy straws.

6) Popcorn is a carnival party staple, make yours more unusual by setting up a popcorn bar with lots of different flavours and toppings.

There’re huge savings to be had on Boteco Do Brasil and other restaurants when you download the ENTERTAINER Scotland app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

From all the team, Happy New Year!


Laura Marie Parker