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ping-iconEver wished you could tear an offer from your phone and send it to your friend? Thanks to Ping you actually can! Well almost. Ping is an awesome feature that allows you to send offers to your friends and family from the app without them having to log in to your account. You can ping up to 10 offers per product, per year, to your friends and family – even if they don’t own an Entertainer product.

Here’s how you do it:
ping-1 ping-2 ping-3

What happens next?

We’ll let your friend know that they have been pinged an offer which h they’ll have to accept within 10 days. If they don’t accept in time, you automatically get the offer back. If your friend is not an Entertainer member, they’ll have to download the free App and register with the same email address you pinged the offer to.

How many offers can you ping?

When you purchase a digital product you get the ability to ping up to 10 of your offers to friends and family at any time during the product validity period. E.g. if you own 2 digital products you can ping up to 20 of these offers to other people. You can also use 1,000 Smiles rewards points to buy 10 extra pings to keep on sharing offers with your friends 🙂

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