Worthwhile Diet Busting Treats

To dessert or not to dessert – a question that has left many health-conscious people having inner battles between sticking to their diets and satisfying cravings. But on dark days when nothing is going right, all you really need is comfort disguised as a finger-shaped pastry filled with vanilla custard, iced with caramel and topped with chocolate crunch, right? When your will power fails you and you just can’t wait until cheat day, these are the ones worthy of those stress-induced calories… Are you ready?

Emack & Bolio’s

You must be on a mission and on one mission only, if you’re going to Emack & Bolio’s… To be in ice cream heaven. The items here are legendary – from the ginormous banana split to the monstrous milkshake to the outrageous ice cream cones festooned with Oreos, Rice Krispies, Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles… whew! They’re ice cream magicians over here, so no one will blame you if you get carried away…

Phoenix Sweets

A homegrown artistic confectionery brand, your eyes will pop at the incredible cake designs in Phoenix Sweets. Everything is so delicately delightful – you’d be forgiven if initially you come to a moment of hesitation about how, if, or when to attack their impeccable creations. Alas, admiration must come to an end, the deed must be done, and eating must commence. Just dive in. Mmmm. Everything tastes just as exquisite as they look.

L’Éclair de Genie

Founded by award-winning pastry chef Christophe Adam, this French bakery produces edible works of art in the form of Instagram-worthy eclairs. These delicious ‘flashes of lightning’ are not only a treat for your taste buds, they are a feast for your eyes as well.

XTC Gelato

Chill out with all natural, yummy gelato! If the fact that they’re completely handmade with the freshest ingredients doesn’t melt your will power, maybe the low fat milk and less cream will. Enjoy these xtra-ordinary treats from XTC!


Well, Japan, you’ve done it again with the tasty shaved ice dessert that is kakigori, and Echigoya is the go-to place for this icy treat when the heat and humidity of HK gets unbearable. Dig into the caramel kakigori with banana and almonds or try the bear-shaped white bear kakigori with milk sauce, vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit.

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