Thank You, Teachers : Best Masterclasses

One of the most inspirational people and our lives are our teachers, and with ‘Thank a teacher day’ coming up, there’s no better time to show appreciation to these pivotal figures in our life.

In a bit of a pimp-my-ride way, we thought the best way to thank your teacher was giving them a fabulous masterclass so they can do some learning, for a change! Here are our top five favourite masterclasses for ‘Thank a teacher day’.

Italian cooking masterclasses at A Tavola

A Tavola offers some of the most healthy and organic Italian produce in Liverpool. But alongside stocking 500 varieties of food and wine, they also offer masterclasses including wine tasting and cooking masterclasses featuring creating pizza, pasta and even desserts!

Cocktail masterclasses at Eaton Square

Eaton Square Bar in Belgravia is renowned for serving inventive and delicious award-winning cocktails. Gift a cocktail masterclass to your teacher and they can indulge in not just sipping the cocktails, but creating them from scratch too!

Chocolate workshop at Deli-cious Chocolate

Situated on Broad Street in Nottingham, Deli-cious Chocolate specialises in beautiful chocolate craft. They also offer a three-hour chocolate making workshops, which includes making chocolate lollipops, chocolate truffles, piping chocolate and expertly wrapping them too. The best part is you get to eat them all once you’re done!

Cupcakes creations at Betty Blythe

Betty Blythe serves exquisite vintage afternoon teas in the heart of London’s Kensington. The classic tea rooms serve freshly made cakes, breakfast, lunch and nibbles for tea time.

This is the perfect place for a cupcake workshop which they run regularly. Gift your teacher a relaxing afternoon spent decorating, and indulging in, cupcakes in a beautiful vintage location.

Silver jewellery workshops at The Glamorous Owl

The Glamorous Owl is a unique, quirky gift shop located in Newcastle upon Tyne. Their workshops teaches guests to handcraft beautiful silver jewellery using traditional silversmithing techniques. Creations include rings, bangles, earrings, pendants and other jewellery items, all whilst picking up skills such as cutting, finishing, joining and polishing silver.

All these gorgeous masterclasses are included in our ENTERTAINER UK app, so make sure you download it before sharing the love!